The Sun - Two Speed - Sep 13 2020

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Clues Answers
A4 turning up Roman road? VIA
About to enter bed and procreate BREED
Aeroplane wing part AILERON
Asleep when roused in delight PLEASE
Bad name goes with our charm ENAMOUR
Banking controller one suffering at work AILERON
Black gold OIL
Bring out drug in accordance with law ELICIT
Burning painting outside lair ARDENT
Buying by post MAILORDER
By it one develops feeling for character BRAILLE
Captivate ENAMOUR
Chop finally rotten consumed by rodents MINCE
Crime stealing pence from clergyman ARSON
Dots for the visually impaired BRAILLE
Draw forth or evoke ELICIT
East African nation UGANDA
Fan in sudden disappointment BLOW
Feel down about this bird? EIDER
Fire-raising ARSON
Graphite LEAD
Gratify or gladden PLEASE
How knight might obtain armour? MAILORDER
Hug or cuddle EMBRACE
Inactive DORMANT
Indolent IDLE
Clues Answers
Lacking knowledge IGNORANT
Lubricant from boiler OIL
Magnificent SPLENDID
Mr Presley for one ELVIS
Neighbourhood AREA
Not used in tabloid leader IDLE
Posh bird reportedly in hot country UGANDA
Principal guitar in heavy metal LEAD
Punch BLOW
Region in Near East AREA
Relating to trees ARBOREAL
Religious traveller PILGRIM
Reprimand a Scots man breaking plate ADMONISH
Reproduce BREED
Sea duck EIDER
Seeker finding crater's edge turned and fell PILGRIM
Short story being broadcast: one that grips TALON
Shredded meat MINCE
Sleeping party worker takes room inside DORMANT
Terribly evil s-singer ELVIS
Through VIA
Tree-dwelling boar possibly genuine ARBOREAL
Unaware Ringo misused worker IGNORANT
Unfortunately dire scene in house RESIDENCE
Very passionate ARDENT
Welcome the writer coming back to stay EMBRACE
Wicked spindle upset daughter SPLENDID