New York Times - Sep 13 2020

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Clues Answers
'Catch you later!' ADIOS
'Don't just ___ there!' SIT
'No man hath ___ God ...' SEEN
'Personally ...' TOME
'Please ___ your tray tables' (plane request) STOW
'Quit your snickering, Damon!'? NOLAUGHINGMATT
'Such a pity!' ALAS
'Suis' is part of its conjugation ETRE
'You ___?' RANG
-s or -ed ENDING
Ad for heartburn medication? RELIEFPITCH
Afternoon gatherings of Mensa? BRAINTEAS
Always glad to be seated in the back of the boat? HAPPILYEVERAFT
Animal for which the Canary Islands are named DOG
Appropriate TAKE
Ark groupings TWOS
As we speak NOW
Assumed name ANONYM
Behind the line of scrimmage ONSIDE
Bit attachments REINS
Brownish shade RUST
Buddhist temple structure PAGODA
California in San Francisco, e.g STREET
Cards with the most pips TENS
Caustic compound PHENOL
Charlatans PHONIES
Check for mistakes PROOF
Choice word ELSE
Church officer ELDER
Classic actress Sophia LOREN
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Classic pop art sculpture with a slanted 'O' LOVE
Comic book publisher Lee STAN
Commencement ONSET
Compos mentis SANE
Computer menu with Undo and Redo EDIT
Cowardly sort WIMP
Curse OATH
Cut out CLIP
Dangerous fly TSETSE
Dash gauge TACH
Developer of 1982's E.T., a video game so bad that hundreds of thousands of unsold cartridges were secretly buried in a New Mexico landfill ATARI
Digital passcodes PINS
Dividing membranes SEPTA
Doc's needle HYPO
Drink rarely drunk with a straw ALE
Drinks usually drunk with straws MALTS
Easy-to-bend metal TIN
Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet RENO
Epson product INK
Even one ANY
Facebook profile feature STATUS
Fancifully worded POETIC
FedEx, maybe SHIP
Feudal workers SERFS
Force at sea ARMADA
Foul rulers REFS
Get out of Dodge, so to speak EVACUATE
Glance at, as headlines SCAN
Grape-Nuts maker POST
Greek vowel IOTA
Greek vowels ETAS
Greetings to some mainlanders ALOHAS
Ground-dwelling songbird PIPIT
Having no feeling in one's texting hand? CELLPHONENUMB
Hill resident ANT
Hitting the floppy disk icon, say SAVING
In a lively manner GAILY
Clues Answers
Irascible CRANKY
Islamic rulers EMIRS
Japanese city where Lexus is headquartered NAGOYA
Kind of acid AMINO
Labor-regulating org OSHA
Lacking freshness OLDHAT
Latin clarifier IDEST
Lead-in to rail MONO
Like most mouthwashes MINTY
Look ahead PLAN
Look extremely stylish, slangily SLAY
Male deer HART
Map section REGION
Modern prefix NEO
Monk's title FRA
Needing a passcode, maybe LOCKED
Old enough OFAGE
One of the so-called 'Three Crowns of Florence,' along with Petrarch and Boccaccio DANTE
One vain about his looks FOP
Opposite of WSW ENE
Order by the border TACO
Part of many California place names LOS
Part of New York City's Museum Mile, with 'the' MET
Party tray meat SALAMI
Penny going through the wash once again? RECYCLINGCENT
Perfectly placed 'Batman' punch? ABSOLUTEPOW
Persuade by force COERCE
Piece of news ITEM
Practices lexicography DEFINES
Pried, with 'in' NOSED
Printed cotton fabric CALICO
Puts forward NOMINATES
Responded in court PLED
Sanskrit scripture VEDA
Says without feeling INTONES
Send over the moon ELATE
Sheep's kin GOATS
Singer/songwriter Lee AMOS
Small anatomical opening, as in a bone FENESTRA
Some Hollywood up-and-comers STARLETS
Soup pod OKRA
Soup served at the church social? AMENBROTH
Source of the idioms 'fat of the land' and 'fire and brimstone' GENESIS
Stark who was crowned king in the 'Game of Thrones' finale BRAN
Start of a magician's phrase HOCUS
State AVOW
State you'll never get to UTOPIA
Stealing attempts on the diamond? HEISTS
Sticks a fork in STABS
Subject of Walter Lord's 'A Night to Remember' TITANIC
These can go for a lot of bucks DOES
Think of together ASSOCIATE
Turn down REFUSE
Unfilled spaces CAVITIES
Unit of current AMP
Units of distance in physics FERMIS
Viewed optimistically ATBEST
Waited at a red light, say IDLED
What a pointless meeting probably should have been handled by EMAIL
Where to find MA and PA USA
Withdrew REVOKED
Without reserve ALLIN
Word with freeze or fixing PRICE
World-renowned ICONIC
Yucatán natives MAYAS
___ American Heritage Month (April) ARAB
___ Bora, area of Afghanistan TORA
___ flour SOY
___ People's Democratic Republic LAO
___ snake GARTER