Universal - Sep 11 2020

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Clues Answers
"Don't worry about it," in textspeak NBD
"Easy A" star Stone EMMA
"Give ___ rest" ITA
"Somebody That I Used to Know" singer GOTYE
"Wait there, Rover!" STAY
"___ to a Nightingale" ODE
*14x NBA All-Star from Germany (1 to 5) DIRKNOWITZKI
*Rhyming message from Blockbuster (3 to 7) BEKINDREWIND
*Team-building meal (unscramble letters 3 to 7) WORKDINNER
*Tyrion Lannister portrayer (5 to 9) PETERDINKLAGE
18x Grand Slam singles champion Chris EVERT
A boat or its oar SCULL
Able to be lit IGNITABLE
Actress Cameron DIAZ
Adversary ENEMY
All lined up INAROW
Australian marsupial WOMBAT
Bar bill TAB
Breakfast staple EGG
Breathe heavily PANT
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Cause of a school closing SNOW
Certain trig ratios SINES
Certain Turk KURD
Change ALTER
Chewy stick GUM
Crowded kind of lane? HOV
Denver-to-Austin dir SSE
DIY furniture company IKEA
East Coast ice cream brand EDYS
Events with franks BBQS
Feeling on opening night JITTERS
Fresh start? NEO
Giant squid's giant organ EYE
Give one's viewpoint OPINE
Gullible NAIVE
Iron and Bronze AGES
Jessica of "Machete" ALBA
Clues Answers
Kenan's partner (ELK anagram) KEL
Kimono sash OBI
Kylo ___ ("Star Wars" villain) REN
Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, for short QBS
Large coffee holder URN
Letter after rho SIGMA
Lisa Simpson's dad HOMER
Little ___ (tykes) UNS
Lost-and-found fish NEMO
Marry WED
Mimic APE
Mimosa no-no, often PULP
Minuscule TEENY
Mulligans REDOS
NAACP co-founder Wells IDA
Norse god with an eye patch ODIN
Number in many city addresses UNIT
Plains native OTOE
Prepared to meditate, say SAT
Printer variety INKJET
Revered person IDOL
Revise EDIT
Road in horror films ELMSTREET
Sault ___ Marie STE
Sissy of "Bloodline" SPACEK
Speech therapists' concerns LISPS
Spots for cleaning products, say? ADS
Start of a Latin apology MEA
Surprising victory UPSET
Tennis period since 1968 OPENERA
Thirsty tot's request WAWA
Tree farm tree FIR
Underlings MINIONS
What was revolutionary in the music industry? HIFI
What you might have after a long day, or a theme hint MIXEDDRINK
White wine aperitif KIR
Wolf's cry HOWL
Word after "taste" or "Turing" TEST