Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 11 2020

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Clues Answers
A mere handful around central Ireland took off FLEW
As well as blonde from Spellbound PLUS
At one's wits' end with hash drugs that circulate island DISTRAUGHT
Central to Franz Josef I's hard-line angle FISH
Church antagonism dismisses leader with old noble ideas CHIVALRY
Concealed by hijab, Armani is selling to local regulars BARMAN
Daphne is distributing the college post DEANSHIP
Fissures in both sides of revolutionary Spanish flag GAPS
Full of oneself in Dart almost going from capital to Greystones with worker ARROGANT
Gave out to one society taken to court ISSUED
It's not hard consuming heads of iceberg lettuce without effort? EASILY
Lack of interest in a cycleway close to Kilkenny APATHY
Lament over teacher going around by car that's in mint condition PRISTINE
Most of the address by Lady Luck in Hard Times perhaps MISFORTUNE
Clues Answers
Mutually beneficial to Bordeaux and Burgundy, in both cases shortly? WINWIN
Outs a pilot not getting lots of more work? UTOPIA
P?t? line coming out of Palestine PASTE
Pig swallows tree snake within view of the house? SASHWINDOW
Poached fish contains bone and it's not the first STOLEN
Popular American sight? Sort of! INASENSE
Revolutionaries found around a fair amount of 5 down and Oriental ports REDWINES
Ruffle someone's feathers with what's on the record player NEEDLE
Some characters develop useful work by the artist OPUS
Spokesman for champion ADVOCATE
The Greens in European Parliament sound off about tip for recycling at school BRUSSELSSPROUTS
Those in a jam around the country coming from the florists CARNATIONS
Timely quip damages a cult PUNCTUAL
Walks nervously heading off with experts ACES