The Sun - Two Speed - Sep 10 2020

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Clues Answers
An unknown detective seeking Montezuma? AZTEC
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Booming bird BITTERN
Bottle party? NOCANDO
Boundary of bushes HEDGE
Carapace SHELL
Cleanliness HYGIENE
Clear river in which single rodent EXONERATE
Clergyman's salary STIPEND
Dairy product CHEESE
Drama style TRAGEDY
Drunken Melissa lacking purpose AIMLESS
Everyone enthralled by wicked tune BALLAD
Excessive urgency HASTE
Fish as tench holds speed HASTE
Flee RUN
Flyer in very cold north BITTERN
Fool ASS
Gastropod for sailor marooned? ABALONE
Generator DYNAMO
Grail found by church girl CHALICE
Gratuity in post used for wage STIPEND
Having no direction AIMLESS
Hear about old disaster TRAGEDY
Henry and Nick forming barrier HEDGE
Idiot in Obama's shoes ASS
Clues Answers
Impossible NOCANDO
It could make me a lord EARLDOM
Key often used to get in ENTER
Look over lad returning in disgrace SCANDAL
Man worried about the country music ANTHEM
Manage to score in cricket RUN
Marine snail ABALONE
Moorland HEATH
Narrative song BALLAD
Nobleman's estate EARLDOM
One featured in Sun means to ascend STAIR
Painter's stand EASEL
Party involves many backing energetic sort DYNAMO
Patriotic song ANTHEM
Penetrate ENTER
Picture IMAGE
Pronounce not guilty EXONERATE
Public outrage SCANDAL
Rascal smudging rouge ROGUE
Skeleton causing son a nightmare SHELL
Some lychees expensive in Leicester? CHEESE
Spoken greeting to woman providing sanitation? HYGIENE
Spreading organism devours posh twit IGNORAMUS
Step in flight STAIR
Support for artist getting traitor beheaded EASEL
Villain ROGUE
Warm haddock starter for old PM HEATH
Your setter is mature in reflection IMAGE