- Feb 25 2010

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Clues Answers
''M*A*S*H ''Emmy winner ALDA
''Yipes!'' HOLYCOW
''Yipes!'' UHOH
''Yipes!'' OOPS
53 Down garment SARONG
Afternoon rituals NAPS
Alkali's opposite ACID
Answered a charge PLED
Atlantic swimmer COD
Be revolting to APPALL
Biblical possessive THY
Bit of body art, briefly TAT
Body of laws CODE
Came up AROSE
Candidate's promise TAXCUT
Central portion CORE
Christmas season YULE
Columbus' home OHIO
Córdoba cry OLE
Crew member's implement OAR
Diner sign EATS
Expansion SPREAD
Follower of Attila HUN
Fruit with fuzz KIWI
General Lee's men REBS
Hauled away TOWED
Hockey official REF
In whichever case ANYHOW
It may be uncharted ISLE
Julio Iglesias, for one TENOR
Just __ (hardly at all) ATAD
Knapsack feature STRAP
Lose it SNAP
Makes after expenses CLEARS
Marriage acquisitions INLAWS
Model Macpherson ELLE
Moving need BOX
Neighbor of Java BALI
Clues Answers
Neutral color GRAY
Officer on the highway TROOPER
One, for Juan UNO
PDQ relative ASAP
Pet pest FLEA
Plow pullers OXEN
Point of view SLANT
Quantum of light PHOTON
Regain strength HEAL
Resolute STOUT
Ring out PEAL
Rule of conduct PRECEPT
Saab rival AUDI
Salad veggie CUKE
Say grace PRAY
Say it isn't so DENY
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Schooner feature SAIL
Shell game CON
Showroom model DEMO
Slip on a keyboard TYPO
Snow job HOAX
Some pants DENIMS
South Pacific island group SAMOA
Tall guys' clothes LONGS
Tall guys' org. NBA
They're up for discussion TOPICS
Time on end EONS
Towel designation HIS
Trivial amounts IOTAS
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Valuable RICH
When shadows are shortest NOON
Young fella LAD
__ Alto, CA PALO