- Sep 9 2020

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Clues Answers
''Buzz off!'' SCRAM
''Rainbow'' fish TROUT
''Roots'' author Haley ALEX
About 20 months, for elephants GESTATIONPERIOD
Alan who played Hawkeye ALDA
Aloe or cactus PLANT
Asked earnestly PLED
Attics of barns LOFTS
Bakery by-product AROMA
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Bring to mind EVOKE
Carmine and cerise REDS
Carry off TAKE
College student's concentration MAJOR
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Copenhagen native DANE
Court jester wear with bells HAT
CPR experts EMTS
Cute __ button ASA
Dedicated verse ODE
Dodge artfully ELUDE
England's __ of Man ISLE
Entertainer __ Davis Jr SAMMY
Evaluated RATED
French automaker RENAULT
Fuel additive letters STP
Gets extra mileage from REUSES
Grazing area LEA
Guys who create commercials ADMEN
Had a meal ATE
Having the know-how ABLE
Help in wrongdoing ABET
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Honest-to-goodness REAL
Ice cream on sticks POPS
In very few words TERSELY
Invent, as a phrase COIN
Itinerary, for short SKED
Clues Answers
Keg insert TAP
Lasting mark SCAR
Long-armed primates APES
Make available, as time FREEUP
Martian, for example ALIEN
Merit badge earners SCOUTS
More strict STERNER
Mrs. Perón EVA
North Pole toymaker ELF
Notorious soldier Benedict ARNOLD
Order to relax ATEASE
Packed off SENT
Part of the eye IRIS
Pets named Iggy, often IGUANAS
Poor-quality BAD
Regulation RULE
Ripped out TORE
Scallion cousin LEEK
Seiko competitor TIMEX
Seized car, for short REPO
Showing no emotion STONY
Sire, in the Bible BEGET
Slippery swimmer EEL
Special skill TALENT
Spool for old films REEL
Takes a lease on RENTS
Takes one's turn GOES
Tennis great Monica SELES
To the left or right ASIDE
Urban drainage system SEWER
Vegan's taboo MEAT
Very beginning DAYONE
Victimize PREYON
Vietnam neighbor LAOS
World Cup cheer OLE
Zillions ALOT
__-view mirror REAR