New York Times - Sep 9 2020

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Clues Answers
'Hidden Figures' actress Janelle MONAE
'My gal' of song SAL
'Out of my way!' indicator HONK
'Sure, I'm game' COUNTMEIN
'Who ___?' (end of a riddle) AMI
'Will do my best' IFICAN
99, in chemistry EINSTEINIUM
99, in hockey WAYNEGRETZKY
99, in pop music LUFTBALLONS
Area of expertise NICHE
Arsenal supply AMMO
Baby ___, character in 'The Mandalorian' YODA
Bird able to run faster than the fastest human EMU
Bird's beak NEB
Black cat, some think OMEN
Book often stored horizontally ATLAS
Button whose icon consists of a triangle over a horizontal line EJECT
Chap LAD
Citizens United, e.g., for short PAC
Clear, as a computer's memory ERASE
December 1st? DEE
Dugout, e.g CANOE
E-commerce site with handmade crafts ETSY
Either of two directing brothers COEN
Entice TEMPT
Expensive violin, for short STRAD
Fall into decay ROT
Fermented milk drink KEFIR
Fill-in-___-blank THE
First responders, for short EMTS
Former Ohio governor John KASICH
Give up CEDE
Glasses, in adspeak SPEX
Holder of mitochondria CELL
Hybrid business entities: Abbr LLCS
Immeasurably long time EON
Invites out for ASKSTO
Jazz pianist Hines EARL
Clues Answers
Length of a 400-meter run LAP
Letters of 'good' cholesterol HDL
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Look-see PEEP
Looks for gold PANS
Louis ___, 'My Dinner With Andre' director MALLE
Lump in the throat TONSIL
Major component of chili BEANS
Mexican revolutionary Zapata EMILIANO
Most likely to be picked, say RIPEST
Mountain seen in 'The Sound of Music' ALP
Omit, as a syllable ELIDE
Parts of a crossword that the constructor works on last CLUES
Pinnacle ACME
Place for final words DEATHBED
Prefix with friendly ECO
Push aside SHUNT
Responses of disappointment AWS
Saucer, perhaps UFO
School-supporting orgs PTAS
Something removed before signing PENCAP
Something that just might work CRAZYIDEA
Source of canvas and cannabis HEMP
Spice that comes in stars ANISE
Stab in the back BETRAY
Stereotypical dog name that isn't actually used much FIDO
Symbol of the golden ratio PHI
Terminal abbr DEP
The 'A' in A.D ANNO
The United States Bullion Depository, familiarly FORTKNOX
They take a look at fliers, for short TSA
Tree with oval-shaped saw-toothed leaves ELM
U.S.A.F. honor DFC
Upscale section of an airport LOUNGE
Washington's bill ONE
What fire poppies do after a wildfire BLOOM
When M.L.K. was born: Abbr JAN
___ Equis (beer) DOS