Wall Street Journal - Sep 9 2020 - Getting By

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Clues Answers
“Halt!” to a salt AVAST
“Quicksilver” author Stephenson NEAL
“This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it” speaker in a 1968 film HAL
Aggravating bother HASSLE
Amorphous mass BLOB
Apollo event MOONSHOT
Apt name for a cook STU
As late as, in ads TIL
Aspirations HOPES
Banjo virtuoso Fleck BELA
Bit for a bay OAT
Bolted or barred, say SHUT
Changes flights, say REBOOKS
Chip in a pot, perhaps ANTE
Coating of frost HOAR
Crude container DRUM
Crystal with a Grammy GAYLE
Darwinian ancestor APE
Dizzying designs OPART
Dominant ALPHA
Drive off SHOO
Editorial overruling STET
Edwin Starr asked “What is it good for?” WAR
Favorite hangouts HAUNTS
Feline wandering the store aisles? BROWSERTABBY
Fragrant neckwear LEI
Freight carriers BARGES
Garish LOUD
Giant Mel OTT
Goddess whose temple was lighted at night LUNA
Good thing that comes to those who wait TIP
Harmonize SYNCH
Holler YELL
If that fails ELSE
Inspiration BREATH
Is worthwhile PAYS
It forms part of Germany’s eastern border ODER
Clues Answers
Its fifth chapter is “Riddles in the Dark” THEHOBBIT
Join the conspirators PLOT
Letters of urgency ASAP
Like some families and garages TWOCAR
Low-risk investments TBILLS
Mind’s mediator EGO
Muscle firmness TONE
Neatnik’s antithesis SLOB
Nickname for Dolores Haze, in a 1955 novel LOLITA
Nonverbal okay NOD
Paddle’s kin OAR
Past the deadline OUTOFTIME
Pele’s hair, e.g LAVA
Percent sign-ampersand go-between CARET
Plopped down SAT
Plumed headgear that’s part of the dress code? SCHOOLBUSBY
Put a restriction on CAP
Quattuor doubled OCTO
Radius neighbor ULNA
Reduce drastically SLASH
Rest-of-the-team stand-in ETAL
Return, e.g KEY
Ricky Ricardo or Rob Petrie on CBS? NETWORKHUBBY
Rough sport played at a seminary? PRAYERRUGBY
Sewing social BEE
Shakespeare’s “Spartan dog” IAGO
Sleazy paper RAG
Sporty Toyotas of the past CELICAS
Spring LEAP
Switch off KILL
Take a trip, maybe FALL
Tour site of the 1960s NAM
Tunnel digger ANT
Wafflers seller EGGO
Wrap name SARAN