- Sep 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''Tall'' story TALE
''Without further __ . . .'' ADO
''__ upon a time . . .'' ONCE
100-yard race DASH
Above OVER
Accepts willingly TAKES
Adjusters of piano tones TUNERS
An hr. after midnight ONEAM
Attack vigorously ASSAIL
Be untruthful LIE
Blender setting for baby food PUREE
Break sharply SNAP
Cape Cod seafood serving SCROD
Couch or bench SEAT
Desert spots with water OASES
Do laps in a pool SWIM
Doggie or kitty PET
Donate GIVE
Drove fast SPED
Easily spreadable SOFT
Evade capture from ELUDE
Evening show with weather reports NEWS
Fanatical fan ZEALOT
Fights off REPELS
Fourth-down kick PUNT
General Motors rival FORD
Glass in a window PANE
Golf pegs TEES
Great joy GLEE
Hamburger bread BUN
Joint above the shin KNEE
Light in a lamp BULB
Made a cut through wood SAWED
Main idea THEME
Make angry RILE
Make brightly colored T-shirts TIEDYE
Mattress springs COILS
Music player from Apple IPOD
Clues Answers
Noisy earth-moving machine BULLDOZER
Noisy vehicle at a ski resort SNOWMOBILE
Officially reprimands CENSURES
Operatic song for one person ARIA
Opinion piece ESSAY
Penny CENT
Quote as a reference CITE
Recollection from the past MEMORY
Remote's volume-off button MUTE
Removed the rind from PARED
Roofless vehicle on sandy beaches DUNEBUGGY
Second largest of the Three Bears MAMA
Short trip to the store ERRAND
Short-lived fad CRAZE
Show to be true PROVE
Song sung by one person SOLO
Sound on a landline phone DIALTONE
Strauss of blue jeans LEVI
Strike, as at a mosquito SWAT
Strong cravings YENS
Take a risk DARE
Takes a glance at SEES
Teach privately TUTOR
Thick hunk SLAB
Tip of a pencil POINT
Took a tumble FELL
Two-wheeled vehicle with a gas tank MOTORCYCLE
Underneath BELOW
Urban district ZONE
Valentine's Day flowers ROSES
Vehicle in a parade FLOAT
Video calling app SKYPE
Where Lima is capital PERU
Wicked EVIL
Witch's hex CURSE
Without assistance ALONE
__ Moines, IA DES
__ Spumante wine ASTI
__-steven (tied up) EVEN