Universal - Sep 6 2020

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Clues Answers
"Carol" co-star Mara ROONEY
"Here, Spot!" COME
"Hey, over here!" PSST
"Let It Go" singer in "Frozen" ELSA
"Pardon me ..." AHEM
"That's cheating!" NOFAIR
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air" BEL
"Way" in the East TAO
"Younger" Roman orator CATO
7-Across, to Brutus OVA
A woman may have one fitted BRA
Adds to, as a bar bill RUNSUP
All-inclusive ATOZ
Be shy financially OWE
Biblical verb suffix ETH
Blissful settings EDENS
Blurb in a book? TEXTMESSAGE
Boxer who won the Thrilla in Manila ALI
Bringing up the rear LAST
Brood (over) STEW
Chin indentation CLEFT
Class of '19 member, e.g ALUM
College VIPs SRS
Command DECREE
Do a slow burn SMOLDER
Earthy tone REDOCHER
Easter purchases EGGS
Elizabeth I's house TUDOR
Fawn's mom DOE
Fiftieth of a half-dollar CENT
Fine point within a secondary field? MINORDETAIL
Gen ___ XER
Gets closer to, in a race GAINSON
Gin fruits SLOES
Helper in a harness GUIDEDOG
Hornet's home NEST
Hula loop LEI
In working order USABLE
Issa or Charlotte RAE
Karaoke need, informally MIC
Clues Answers
Larynx locale THROAT
Longest forearm bone ULNA
Milk source UDDER
Montezuma's people AZTECS
Mulligan, essentially REDO
Muscat's land OMAN
Mystical radiance AURA
Nanny ___ (surveillance devices) CAMS
Orange root vegetable YAM
Paint layer COAT
Pec pic, perhaps TAT
Pilot feeder? GAS
Play part ACT
Pub missiles DARTS
Quarters, e.g. ... or 17-Across and 11- and 25-Down, after being reinterpreted? SCHOOLTERMS
Rainbow's curve ARC
Ready for business OPEN
Reasonable SANE
Rubber roller TIRE
Scarf down EAT
Schlepped TOTED
Some are humble ABODES
Starting groups ATEAMS
Street of children's TV SESAME
Sushi fish that's always cooked EEL
Taking attendance, say? CLASSACTION
That is, to Caesar IDEST
They can come in packs WOLVES
They may be compact DISCS
They may climb the walls IVIES
They're thorny in deserts CACTI
Thompson or Lazarus EMMA
Train units CARS
Twofold DUAL
Understands SEES
Union figure, often? GROOM
Use an ax on HEW
Vituperate REVILE
You may run for one or rest in one SEAT
___-12 Conference PAC