The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'All Eyez on Me' producer Knight SUGE
'Cool concept!' NEATIDEA
'How tragic!' ALAS
'if u ask me ...' IMO
'Magic Stick' rapper ___ Kim LIL
'Robinson ___' CRUSOE
'Toodle-oo!' SEEYOU
'Voilà!' TADA
*'A Foreign Affair' actor LUND
*'Alien' co-star HURT
*'All the King's Men' actor whose surname is a country IRELAND
*'Full House' actor STAMOS
*'Imagine' singer LENNON
*'NBA on NBC' theme composer TESH
*'The Centaur' novelist UPDIKE
*'The Cider House Rules' author IRVING
*Former Jethro Tull keyboardist EVAN
*He signed the act establishing the Library of Congress ADAMS
*Real name of the Lone Ranger REID
*Richard Nixon's White House counsel, 1970-1973 DEAN
*SNL star whose epitaph says, 'I may be gone, but Rock and Roll lives on' BELUSHI
*Vietnam vet of film RAMBO
1970s veep AGNEW
84 Down's team BRONCOS
Achilles and others DEMIGODS
Actor Malcolm-Jamal WARNER
ADHD treatment RITALIN
Aid for the needy ALMS
Along for the ___ RIDE
Aphrodite's child EROS
Apple base MACUSERS
Army's URL ending MIL
Artistic Brian ENO
Artistically angsty EMO
Astrologer Sydney OMARR
Australian Birdlife article subject EMU
Author Fannie FLAGG
Author Silverstein SHEL
Bahraini currency DINAR
Bassist Blair RON
Begin to correct ERASE
Belief that all things have souls ANIMISM
Beneficial to all WINWIN
Beyond upset IRATE
Bible brayer ASS
Bio class initials RNA
Bow wowing crowds, once CLARA
Breath ___ MINTS
Brewery tubs VATS
Broke away SECEDED
Burns/Novick miniseries that focuses on events from 1941 to 1945 THEWAR
Byzantine ___ ERA
Call, as a cab HAIL
Cartoon with soldiers and PSAs GIJOE
Catches the drift GETSIT
Cicada's stage IMAGO
Clay pot remnant SHARD
Clerical council SYNOD
Closing opening? DIS
Crib sheet locale? NURSERY
Cringe WINCE
Destroyer at sea TORPEDO
Detective Dick TRACY
Develops favorably SHAPESUP
Director Lee ANG
Econ. statistic GNP
Entertaining Lily TOMLIN
Event often protested by immigration rights activists, briefly RNC
Exciting antonym NOFUN
Expensive STEEP
Falco with Emmys EDIE
Filmless snapper, for short DIGICAM
Fiona Apple genre ALTPOP
Flowchart symbols ARROWS
Flower part that's a homophone of 154 Across PISTIL
From the top ANEW
Fruit of the tropics GUAVA
Gender-binary phrase HEORSHE
Give secret info to TIPOFF
Gourmet's asset TASTE
Grant of gospel AMY
Grecian region IONIA
Hip-hop performer firing up the crowd HYPEMAN
Hit the accelerator SPED
Hole producer DRILL
Hole producer AWL
Illinois's state grain CORN
Instrument in a gharana SITAR
Is a big fan of ADMIRES
Jump back in fear RECOIL
Kept aware UPDATED
Lacking assistance ALONE
LAX guess ETA
Lexicon, briefly VOCAB
Like 16-foot jump shots in basketball MIDRANGE
Clues Answers
Like the reference to poodles in 101 Across RANDOM
Literary Pan PETER
Little songbird WREN
Lopsided victory ROUT
Lost one's query WHEREAMI
Loyalty, archaically TROTH
Lubricated OILED
Lumber mill items SAWS
Luxurious retreats VILLAS
Major alternative MINOR
Make doodles of poodles, say DRAW
Make muddy ROIL
Marks up, musically NOTATES
Modernize, as equipment RETOOL
Nagoya noodles RAMEN
Nasal membranes SEPTA
Navigation position HELM
NBA team that drafted 94 & 95 Across in 2010 WASHINGTONWIZARDS
Nice version of me? MOI
Not safe RISKY
One doing routine procedures? COMEDIAN
Org. for a DA ABA
Org. opposed to factory farming PETA
Painter Salvador DALI
Palindromic bird TIT
Parish officials RECTORS
Person with a meal plan? CHEF
Phrase about an exciting event that may be typed with a fire emoji ITSLIT
Pitch detector EAR
Places for pistons ENGINES
Plagued ATEAT
Poet Gary SNYDER
Politico Ralph NADER
Polynesian tuna AHI
Portugal's region IBERIA
Possessed HELD
Pre-1917 ruler TSAR
Pre-Easter LENTEN
Prefix with byte GIGA
Prof's URL ending EDU
Promo pro ADWRITER
Protested furiously RIOTED
Register opener CLERK
Roadside lodgings INNS
Rogen of 'Paul' SETH
Rte. displayers GPSUNITS
Salon acquisitions TANS
Samoa's capital APIA
Saucepan cover LID
Seal the deal ICEIT
Sector ZONE
See 94 Across WALL
Sewing kit object SPOOL
Shiraz, e.g REDWINE
Show at noon, say MATINEE
Sing like Anka CROON
Skeptical reply IBET
Snaky swimmer EEL
Some babysitters NANAS
Soothing stuff EMOLLIENT
Speckled equine ROAN
Surfers' perils RIPTIDES
Swift's home NEST
Sylvester's co-star in 'Rocky IV' DOLPH
Targeted again REAIMED
Terrarium hopper TOAD
Textile weave TWILL
Tickled, so to speak AMUSED
Toilet space STALL
Transport after saying 'energize' BEAMUP
Trinity's ally NEO
Truth counterpart DARE
Tunnel creator GOPHER
Tunnel creators ANTS
Turmeric, e.g SPICE
Type of Chinese tea OOLONG
Typical SAT taker TEEN
Unshiny finishes MATTES
Upholsterer Betsy ROSS
Utilize Uber Eats, say ORDEROUT
Vapor over a lake MIST
Volvo vessel GASTANK
Walker on a spine ALICE
Water in a squirt gun, e.g AMMO
Western weapon PISTOL
What two brides exchange IDOS
With 95 Across, NBA star born on Sept. 6, and a hint to this puzzle's edges JOHN
___ a ___ (hand-to-hand) MANO
___ colada PINA
___ Lanka SRI
___ the burn FEEL
___-day Saints LATTER
___-end collision REAR