- Sep 5 2020

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Clues Answers
''Glad to'' NOTATALL
''No kidding?'' ISTHATSO
Article on the Supreme Court III
Asian democratic republic LAOS
Assumed name's assumed name EDNA
Atmospheric oxidant OZONE
Baby who ''won the Internet'' in 2019 YODA
Burden for Black Beauty HANSOM
Charlemagne-era servant VASSAL
Children of Sky and Earth TITANS
Contrivance DEVICE
Cook since '11 CEO
Creator of a Swedish hacker heroine LARSSON
Divine status GODSHIP
Extreme antonym of ''friendly'' ATWAR
Farewell interrupter THEE
Focus of much oil production VALDEZ
Focus of much oil production SESAME
Get to or put out ANNOY
Grp. that may be voting RTS
High-powered fan ZEALOT
Howard Hughes endowed its engineering school UNLV
Intense assault BLITZ
Internal fat remover HDL
Interrogative ''Lets'' WHYDONTWE
Introduction starter ITS
It can roll down while rolling CARWINDOW
It's lighter than umber OCHER
It's often between 23C and 23D AISLE
Just as in the original SIC
Just done with a dip WET
Just like that ALSO
Kept for safekeeping INTRUST
Makes waiters angry CUTSIN
Mock query of concern DOICARE
Muddled ATSEA
Clues Answers
Name that means ''victor'' LAURA
Now less LOWERED
One's take OPINION
Orajel alternative ANBESOL
Oscar winner portraying Romeo PALTROW
Otello, Don José and Siegfried TENORS
Party person POL
Performed smoothly LEGATO
Pointy board-game piece DART
Put one's teeth to work ATE
Put one's teeth to work SAWED
Quaint pet name DEARIE
Quick check GLANCE
Rather dry SEC
Retort, say REACTTO
Rock __ STAR
See 9 Down HIT
Senseless OUTCOLD
Slip stream? ERRATA
Smash, with 10 Down SRO
Sound undecided HAW
Squeamish feeling UNEASE
Started following, as a program GOTWITH
Steals or saves STAT
Suppress, as creativity THROTTLE
The Florence-Pisa line follows its course ARNO
They're held for eventual tapping IRAS
They've come a long way in anime ALIENS
TNT upshot ENE
Tore into BERATED
Unequivocal disclaimer NOSIR
Venerable wind instruments OCARINAS
What chairlifts have succeeded TBARS
Whom Rocky named his restaurant for ADRIAN
Wide-open spaces YAWNS
Wordless heckling HISS