New York Times - Sep 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'Glorify ___ Name' (church chorus) THY
'Not finished yet ...' MORETOCOME
'Pretty worm of Nilus,' in Shakespeare ASP
'Watch your ___!' (response to 52-Across) TONE
'___ absolute mess' IMAN
'___ inside' (convenience store sign) ATM
A as in Atlantic City? ACE
Amazon deterrent ONESTAR
Athletic trainer's supply TAPE
Big earner at a business RAINMAKER
Calves come from them BERGS
Celebrity chef Paula DEEN
Client's company contact, informally ACCOUNTREP
Country singer/songwriter Tillis PAM
Curve together loosely, as one's hands CUP
Dice, in slang BONES
Doctor's approach BEDSIDEMANNER
Dummkopf MORON
Fall sound THUD
Form of crowdfunding TELETHON
Gets a hard look (at) PEERS
Gilbert and Sullivan's 'glorious thing to be' PIRATEKING
Grew a spine TOUGHENEDUP
Heaven, with 'the' SKIES
Impersonate on Halloween GOAS
It contains many numbers MUSICAL
Kind of rule MOB
Lamborghini alternative BUGATTI
Laugh it off, say TAKEAJOKE
Lead-in to -nomic ERGO
Message that basically tells you to get a life? GAMEOVER
New York football team, to fans GMEN
Not-so-hard pill to swallow GELCAP
Clues Answers
Olympic pursuit MEDALHUNT
One going through cyclic ups and downs? MOUNTAINBIKER
One knife in a knife collection PARER
Opposite of very ATAD
Option for expressing grievances OPENLETTER
Outburst of complete exhaustion ICANTGOON
Palindromic woman's name AVA
Paper-pusher BUREAUCRAT
Part of Kamala Harris's ancestry TAMIL
Parts of Polynésie française ILES
Picks, in football: Abbr INTS
Plates TAGS
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Polonium was named for her homeland, Poland, in 1898 MARIECURIE
Projects JUTS
Roman foeman HUN
See 48-Across SASS
Solar ___ ARRAY
Some slapstick props BANANAPEELS
Some tandoori fare NAAN
Something you shouldn't do in an art museum TOUCH
Source of the brachiocephalic trunk AORTA
Spot at a movie theater TEASERTRAILER
Stop at ENDON
Stopping point? DIME
Suffix with form ULA
Terrible on opening weekend, say BOMBING
Things that can be cracked CODES
Witticism BONMOT
Word that's also a diminutive suffix LET
Work with a needle, informally TAT