Wall Street Journal - Sep 5 2020 - Daffy Derby

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Clues Answers
“And now Window of Opportunity is ___...” CLOSINGFAST
“At the halfway point, Adam’s Apple and Bottle Throat are ___...” NECKANDNECK
“But at the wire, Pinocchio ___!” WINSBYANOSE
“But now Mudslinger is ___...” LOSINGGROUND
“Fab!” MARV
“Gearshift is in second, with Tailgater ___...” RIGHTBEHIND
“Heading for home, I’ve Been Transferred is ___...” MAKINGHISMOVE
“In your dreams!” ASIF
“Magic” fungus SHROOM
“Marquee Actor stumbles badly, and now Understudy ___...” Takesthelead
“Same here!” IDOTOO
“So is that ___?” ANO
“The horses are at the gate...and they’re off! Pushy Linejumper quickly ___...” CUTSINFRONT
“Tidal Wave suddenly ___...” SURGESFORWARD
2019 World Series champ NAT
554, in letters DLIV
A masseur might be a wizard of these AHS
Abbr. in a return address? IRS
Act the informant SING
Admiral’s org USN
Alternatives to woods, for Woods IRONS
Angry feeling IRE
Assigns to, as blame PINSON
Bank deposit? SILT
Beverage served with crumpets TEA
Bounded FINITE
BP checkers RNS
Brand that once had a Blue Creme flavor NEHI
Brewery founded in 1870 AMSTEL
Catcher’s stance CROUCH
Chemical suffix IDE
College class dealing with human societies, for short ANTHRO
Common anti-inflammatory ASPIRIN
Complaint from the parched IMTHIRSTY
Conciliatory gift SOP
Country whose 500-kwacha note features a water faucet MALAWI
Crazy Horse, e.g CHIEF
Creator of Perry and Della ERLE
Cricket clubs BATS
Crooner Tormé MEL
Cruz and Hughes TEDS
Current, as a weather forecast TODAYS
Czech tennis player Korda PETR
Depend RELY
Did some kvetching MOANED
Dismayed cry ACK
Drop off NAP
DVR button REC
End for peek or bug ABOO
English potter Josiah SPODE
Farm bleater EWE
Favorite PET
Feature of Hulu’s cheaper tier ADS
Female hip-hopper BGIRL
Filly, e.g SHE
Fly in the face of DEFY
Foil alternative EPEE
Force from office OUST
Ford slogan introduced in 2012 GOFURTHER
Forte seller KIA
From the start ANEW
Fruit flaw BRUISE
Future J.D.’s exam LSAT
Geologist’s time period EON
Gives a keynote, e.g ORATES
Greets the villain HISSES
Hepta- plus one OCTA
Hitchers hope for them LIFTS
Hither’s partner YON
Horticultural pest APHID
Clues Answers
Hospital section WARD
Icy quaff SLUSH
Ill-fated slugger CASEY
Implored BEGGED
Internet shorthand before summing up a wordy post TLDR
Kilmer of “Top Gun” VAL
Lacking tread BALD
Least principled BASEST
Leb. neighbor ISR
Lena of “The Reader” OLIN
Less kind MEANER
Like Keats’s “To Autumn” ODIC
Loose tunic CAMISE
Lowly laborer PEON
Missing people? LONESOME
Moderate EASEUP
Mounts, as a horse GETSON
Neighbor of China on a Risk board URAL
Oliver’s lover in “Call Me by Your Name” ELIO
Olympic runner Zátopek EMIL
PDQ in the ER STAT
Pickable, perhaps RIPE
Portugal’s capital, to the locals LISBOA
Pound sounds ARFS
Prettify DOUP
Provided an excuse for ALIBIED
Puts in the running for a prize LONGLISTS
React like a spooked horse REAR
Really small MINI
Riding a racehorse, e.g SKILL
Rise to a position of importance ASCENSION
River to the Gulf of Finland NEVA
Rotten to the Corps? AWOL
Roulette bet EVEN
Running mates? ELOPERS
Sand dollar cousin SEASTAR
Sasha’s sis MALIA
Sausage skin CASING
Sci-fi collection featuring the “Three Laws” IROBOT
Skeptic’s specialty DOUBTING
Slezak of “One Life to Live” ERIKA
So-called happy neurotransmitter SEROTONIN
Soap ingredient GLYCERIN
Speed reader? RADAR
Squid eater ORCA
Start of three John Wayne movie titles RIO
Stick TWIG
Street fleet CABS
Strokes of luck FLUKES
Strong feeling of connection KINSHIP
Surroundings of la Città del Vaticano ROMA
Switch on a radio AMFM
Taj Mahal feature ONIONDOME
Technical caller REF
Threat ender ORELSE
Touched down ALIT
Toy for one who loves being at the track? TRAINSET
Travelocity mascot GNOME
Used swine language OINKED
USMC bigwig GEN
Visiting the Staples Ctr., say INLA
Warm welcome? ALOHA
White source EGG
Without foundation IDLE
Word repeated in a Doris Day hit SERA
Words while dropping one’s hand IFOLD
Wrap up CLINCH
___ rock (genre for Yes) PROG