The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,498 - Sep 1 2020

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Clues Answers
Artifice of befuddled magistrate lacking imagination for a start STRATAGEM
Bar making a comeback for merrymaking REVEL
Began to write in dictionary OPENED
Boss a form of poker STUD
Boundlessly dire dregs, dull, dark and disorderly IRREGULAR
Brutish student supporting warped mania ANIMAL
Cold rice: it is cooking in pan CRITICISE
Crikey! A boxing contest for a social butterfly GADABOUT
Cunning statecraft with no rest curiously producing a moneybags FATCAT
Cycling itinerary further from centre OUTER
Honour the French ancient city and the Spanish LAUREL
Inn, oddly chilly, back open to all PUBLIC
Insult hospital food DISH
Mac accepts it reversed after car operated without intervention AUTOMATIC
Mate admitting turn-on now and then in security detachment PATROL
Clues Answers
Midshipman's joint REEFER
Military ruler's weapon missing target ultimately SHOGUN
Offend good, and confess SING
Partly coppiced a redwood tree CEDAR
Pleasantly sharp bakery product TART
Prisoner experienced defeat CONFOUND
Produce confused teenager GENERATE
Returned calls from city dwellings miles away ECHOES
See tweeters, the pits? CAVES
Some bitter alcohol turning up in wine CLARET
Timid people nursing essentially stealthy ill-will MALICE
Treacherously bares fencing weapon SABRE
Turn for information in two directions? REFER
Upset ransacker to re-equip workshop? RETOOL
With money casually head for fried cake DOUGHNUT