USA Today - Oct 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'For Pete's sake!' GEEZ
'Gal' or 'pen' follower PAL
'Garfield' canine ODIE
'Skip me' IPASS
'That's false!' LIES
'To infinity and beyond!' character BUZZLIGHTYEAR
'___ me think . . .' LET
Actress Espinosa EDEN
Alias-preceding initials AKA
Anger IRE
Apple music players IPODS
Ask for a dog treat BEG
Attractive SEXY
Back of the neck NAPE
Best Team or Best Game, e.g ESPY
Birds that can lay 3-pound eggs OSTRICHES
Board game with tweezers OPERATION
Cologne brand BRUT
Comedian Skinner ELIZA
Covered with blacktop PAVED
Crossed pair on a pirate flag BONES
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
Drink brand hidden in 'disobeyed' SOBE
Enjoy immensely EATUP
Ensembles SETS
Entered hurriedly RANIN
Espionage org CIA
Eye part around the pupil IRIS
Fit of ___ (annoyed state) PIQUE
Go '1, 2, 3 . . .' COUNT
Half of fan fiction's Drarry DRACO
High jump LEAP
High school music group leader BANDDIRECTOR
Inhalation organ LUNG
Like Hel and Odin NORSE
Like Paul Bunyan, or tales about Paul Bunyan TALL
Make pricier on eBay BIDUP
Meadows FIELDS
Clues Answers
Motown legend Ross DIANA
Nevada's official gemstone, e.g OPAL
Observe Ramadan, say FAST
Odometer unit MILE
Olympian Melissa Wu, e.g DIVER
Pastel close to turquoise AQUA
Phobias FEARS
Poseidon or Ryujin SEAGOD
Pretend FEIGN
Relaxing hotel amenity SPA
Roller coaster track makeup RAILS
Scene-shooting attempt TAKE
Skating surface ICE
Smartphone symbol ICON
Solemn promise OATH
Some HP products PCS
Stuff applied to surfboards WAX
Sudden complication SNAG
Teamwork-impeding trait EGO
Tekkamaki fish TUNA
The ___ (satirical news website) ONION
Tiled artwork MOSAIC
Tinkertoy connector ROD
Tricksy SLY
Trims a lawn MOWS
TV deskmate COHOST
Unruly crowds MOBS
Up-tempo jazz genre BOP
Vicinities AREAS
Vocal hoarseness RASP
Voting collective BLOC
Wall St. debut IPO
Wildly funny sort RIOT
___ chamber ECHO
___ on the Shelf ELF
___ Parks Day (Feb. 4 or Dec. 1) ROSA
___ v. Wade ROE