Universal - Sep 1 2020

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Clues Answers
"Endless Love" singer Ross DIANA
"Ex's & Oh's" singer King ELLE
"Makes sense" ISEE
*Groovy ocean dweller (4 to 6) BRAINCORAL
*PC key combo of last resort (6 to 8) CTRLALTDEL
*Smart home security features (see letters 7 to 9) DOORBELLCAMERAS
Alpha ___ FEMALE
Apple desktop IMAC
Before, to Dickinson ERE
Bit of silliness ANTIC
Break from fighting TRUCE
Bygone Russian title TSAR
Certain SURE
Certain demonstration RIOT
Cho's "Star Trek" role SULU
Classy chap GENT
Comic artist Ellis or skater Rippon ADAM
CPR experts EMTS
Decked out CLAD
Dishonest types, old-style CADS
Early lesson ABCS
Either parent's nickname, perhaps MAMA
Financial news site that hints at the starred answers' indicated letters? BUSINESSINSIDER
Fragile ecosystems REEFS
Fuse, as metal WELD
Greenish eye color HAZEL
Group of artisans or Neopets players GUILD
Hades smokes one in "Hercules" CIGAR
Health care helper AIDE
Holey rubber shoe CROC
Hotel breakfast basic CEREAL
In the ___ (not virtual) FLESH
Indian garment that may be nine yards SARI
Karate instructor SENSEI
Kate Middleton's wear SASH
Clues Answers
Key to try before 23-Across ESC
Lightning bolt on a weather map, briefly TSTORM
Like just-painted nails WET
Luxurious hair MANE
Marriages UNIONS
Mine deposits ORES
Monterey Bay Aquarium mammal OTTER
Newlyweds may share one LIMORIDE
Off course ASTRAY
Oscar nominee Knightley KEIRA
Paper purchase REAM
Party on "House Hunters" BUYER
Perform very well EXCEL
Pop Secret competitor ACTII
Prefix with "soft" or "sweet" SEMI
Present GIFT
Right before the bell, say ONTIME
Roth ___ IRA
Rum brand BACARDI
Sauce with yogurt and cucumber RAITA
Section leaders, often: Abbr TAS
She goes "baa" EWE
Silent MUM
Singer or "Mean Girls" character Janis IAN
Soda with a vanilla variety COKE
Some snuggling pets LAPCATS
Stench ODOR
Stitch up SEW
Stretchy glove material LATEX
Subj. of Obama's 2016 JAMA article ACA
Swiss city known for early Dada art ZURICH
Tree secretion RESIN
Used Twitch, e.g STREAMED
Without a warranty ASIS
Word after "Arab" or "Latin" AMERICAN
Yellow vehicle in "Little Miss Sunshine" VAN