Universal - Aug 31 2020

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Clues Answers
"Hamilton" Tony winner Leslie ___ Jr ODOM
"Happy Feet" subjects EMPERORPENGUINS
"Hooray for the weekend!" TGIF
"I wish I could ___ that" UNSEE
"Worst Cooks in America" co-host Burrell ANNE
63, for Vanna White AGE
Abridged version DIGEST
Abrupt turn ZIG
Alan of "The Aviator" ALDA
Bills that few ATMs dispense ONES
Bombay Sapphire, for one GIN
Bratty talk SASS
Bridge pose, e.g ASANA
Burger meat, often BEEF
Cheer for a torero OLE
Clears (of) RIDS
Coconut-topped Girl Scout cookies SAMOAS
Colorado River tributary GILA
Creates an email response fiasco, perhaps REPLIESALL
Crusty sandwich bread KAISERROLL
Diatribes SCREEDS
Dispose of on eBay SELL
Dog park noise ARF
Dojo studio cover MAT
Drill instructor's charge TRAINEE
Fairy tale meanie OGRE
Flew the coop LEFT
French fashion magazine ELLE
Give a new soundtrack DUB
Guitar innovator Paul LES
High roller's perk COMP
Hummus or guacamole DIP
It flies at a post office USFLAG
Itty-bitty WEE
Just manages, with "out" EKES
Kelly on TV RIPA
Kept in the email loop CCED
Keto diet restriction CARB
Ladder rung STEP
Clues Answers
Lamenting poem ELEGY
Language with the most speakers MANDARIN
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Like many Pinterest projects, briefly DIY
Like most Muslims SUNNI
Like some summer camps LAKESIDE
Linens for a big mattress KINGSIZEBEDDING
Man-made waterway CANAL
Needs to pay back OWES
Nordstrom department MENS
Not deserved UNDUE
Obstacles to collaboration EGOS
Olympics sword EPEE
Orange juice bits PULP
OWN series with an all-female director team QUEENSUGAR
Ownership disclaimer ITSNOTMINE
Playground scrape, e.g., informally OWIE
Pre-K basics ABCS
Sidekick for a mall Santa ELF
Soccer shoe gripper CLEAT
Spiced lentil dish DAL
State west of Wyo IDA
Sticker on a windshield DECAL
Subj. with a lab, often SCI
Supports a fund drive PLEDGES
Sweetie BAE
Tavern selection ALE
Tawny big cats COUGARS
Tea mishap SPILL
That, to Salma Hayek ESO
Totally crushes OWNS
Victor's declaration IWIN
Walk-___ (some college athletes) ONS
Wears away ERODES
Weigh station vehicle SEMI
Whispered attention-getter PSST
Witty one-liners QUIPS
___ jockey DISC
___ mater ALMA