Universal - Aug 28 2020

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Clues Answers
"Assuming that's the case ..." IFSO
"Chasing Pavements" singer ADELE
"Will pay later" note IOU
"___ now or never!" ITS
Abbr. on a memo ATTN
Again from square one ANEW
Answer brusquely SNAPAT
Arise multiple times RECUR
Audition hopefuls ACTORS
Baking soda may counteract one ODOR
Barack Obama and Madonna, astrologically LEOS
Basketball ref's call FOUL
Beginning of an unwanted call? ROBO
Billboard chart history for some "wonders" ONEHIT
Book often stored horizontally ATLAS
Bourbon Street's city, informally NOLA
Broad cuisine known for stir-frying ASIAN
Cabin or cottage ABODE
Canned AXED
Carrier of animal pairs ARK
Chain selling buckets KFC
Champions' cry WEWON
Closet wood CEDAR
Computer shortcut MACRO
Defamatory remark SLUR
End of Dartmouth's URL EDU
Exciting, in modern lingo LIT
Former vice president Agnew SPIRO
Fuming IRATE
Give up smoking, e.g KICKAHABIT
Hard to come by RARE
Hibernation site DEN
Highway off-ramp EXIT
Home of urban alligators, supposedly SEWER
Host festivities THROWAPARTY
Hummus scooper PITA
Hybrid plasticware item SPORK
In-flight approx ETA
JFK jet, formerly SST
Clues Answers
Language suffix ESE
Less mean NICER
Lovesick feeling ACHE
Low-down joint? ANKLE
Medical breakthrough CURE
Misfortune WOE
More melancholy BLUER
Mouthful of gum WAD
Neon, for one GAS
Nerve-racking TENSE
Off-limits TABOO
On one's toes ALERT
Paragon of patience SAINT
Participate in, as a raffle ENTER
Perfect pitch and others GIFTS
Pig enclosure STY
Prohibit BAN
Prop not used in mini golf TEE
Relaxed ATEASE
Reporter's pursuit STORY
Samurai's concern HONOR
Shaping machine LATHE
Sing joyously CAROL
Some Autobahn vehicles BMWS
Start completing chores TACKLEATODOLIST
Subside ABATE
Tennis deadlock DEUCE
The first "A" in A.A. Milne ALAN
Thick carpet SHAG
This, in Tijuana ESTA
Token in Life CAR
Ungainly GAWKY
Updates, as factory equipment REFITS
Use the kitchen plumbing, say RUNAFAUCET
Useful skill ASSET
Vietnam neighbor LAOS
What many commuters do daily CATCHATRAIN
Word before "paper" or "pipe" WASTE
Young wizard of fiction POTTER