New York Times - Feb 20 2010

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Clues Answers
'Finding ___,' 2008 comedy AMANDA
'The Essence of ___,' Food Network show EMERIL
'___ doch!' (German reply) NEIN
'___ in bloody thoughts, but not in blood': Richard III NEARER
2008 Olympics sensation USAINBOLT
Alcohol or drugs, it's said ROADTORUIN
Approached purposefully STRODEUP
Be-all and end-all ACME
Bourbon and others: Abbr. STS
Breakouts RASHES
Bridge problem RENEGE
Bugged ATEAT
Building piece IBAR
Burrower with a bushy tail MARMOT
Cartoon hero with a blue cape UNDERDOG
Catchy thing? NET
Certain suckling FOAL
Chardonnay from Burgundy POUILLYFUISSE
Come (to) AMOUNT
Copenhagen alternative SKOAL
Diminutive chthonic figure GNOME
Disconnected, in music: Abbr. STAC
Elegantly, to Brahms GRAZIOSO
Emasculates GELDS
Energy converters of a sort SOLARCELLS
Exposure warning? YOURFLYISOPEN
Extreme soreness IRE
First Japanese infielder to sign with a major-league team, familiarly KAZMATSUI
Foreign exchange abbr. USD
Goes by foot, in a way PEDALS
I.M. not sent through AOL? PEI
James of the court LEBRON
Clues Answers
Kettledrum TIMBAL
Letter after Juliet in a phonetic alphabet KILO
Like many student jobs PARTTIME
Like the drummer for rock's Def Leppard, amazingly ONEARMED
Liking romantically SOFTON
Model for Machiavelli's 'The Prince' BORGIA
Naja naja, familiarly COBRA
Neck piece FRET
Nereus and Proteus SEAGODS
Note from one who's shy IOU
Participates in a class action REUNES
Perfection IDEALITY
Person making a check mark? ENDORSEE
Pitcher's charge ADRATE
Prefix with biology AGRO
Product with a secret sauce BIGMAC
Ran-tan RIOT
See 1-Down LIEN
Some bushes, for short FROS
Some provocation NEEDLING
Superior court writ: Abbr. CERT
Talks romantically COOS
The Pearl of the Orient MANILA
Tuition classification INSTATE
With 44-Across, it may lead to a seizure BANKERS
Words after 'The end' EPILOGUE
Writer of the 1950 Tony-winning play 'The Cocktail Party' ELIOT
___ √Čireann (Irish legislative assembly) DAIL
___ rating OCTANE
___ Spalko, Indiana Jones villainess IRINA
___ Zagora, Bulgaria STARA