Universal - Aug 25 2020

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Clues Answers
"Flies" like a flying squirrel GLIDES
"Gimme!" MINE
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" speaker, familiarly MLK
"Rocketman" or "Sully" BIOPIC
"Take ___ Train" (Ellington classic) THEA
"We ___ Start the Fire" DIDNT
"Whip It" band DEVO
*"Don't slouch!" STANDUPSTRAIGHT
*Convenient meetup spot CENTRALLOCATION
*NBA All-Star Weekend competition SLAMDUNKCONTEST
*One may help you adjust your scale PIANOTEACHER
A whole bunch LOTS
Animal known for imitating APE
Annoyances PESTS
Awesome, in the '80s RAD
Awful smell ODOR
Baseball's Felipe ALOU
Be victorious in WINAT
Bush or Obama? ERA
Clothing line? HEM
Comedian Wong ALI
Don Quixote's squire SANCHO
Elephants have big ones EARS
End of a threat ELSE
Ending for "Aqua" or "Bat" MAN
Eve's partner ADAM
Fashionable CHIC
Fistful of cash WAD
Flower pic on your arm, say TAT
For some time AWHILE
Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
Give off EMIT
Go down, as the sun SET
Guitarist's distortion accessory WAHWAHPEDAL
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Largest pelvic bones ILIA
Lil ___ X NAS
Clues Answers
Lowly board member? PAWN
Make a scarf, perhaps KNIT
Martian, e.g ALIEN
McEwan or McKellen IAN
Michaels who created "SNL" LORNE
Most populous continent ASIA
Musical based on a Verdi opera AIDA
Nebraska city named for a tribe OMAHA
No longer edible BAD
Not pro ANTI
Novelist de Balzac HONORE
One in a long-distance relationship PENPAL
Org. that deals with bugs? NSA
Peace Nobelist Lech WALESA
Ponytail and bun DOS
Possessive for Captain America HIS
Preppy shirt POLO
Rational SANE
Rebellion leader Turner NAT
Ribbon-cutting occasion, and a hint to the starred answers' starts GRANDOPENING
See 46-Down UTE
Slack-jawed AGAPE
Sphere of influence DOMAIN
Spot for a merit badge SASH
Stashed away HID
Stefani of No Doubt GWEN
Swears AVOWS
Tahoe and Titicaca LAKES
Tempe univ ASU
Unit of resistance OHM
Vietnamese New Year TET
Where to throw in the towel? LINENCLOSET
Whiskered pet CAT
With 53-Across, Salt Lake City student UTAH
Word on a Miller can LITE
Yanks, as a pants leg TUGSAT
___ Jima IWO
___-Manuel Miranda LIN