The Washington Post Sunday - Aug 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'Bewitched' witch ENDORA
'Children Power' musician ONO
'Couldn't agree more' YES
'Down' singer ___ Sean JAY
'Le Grand Canal' painter MONET
'Lola' actress Anouk AIMEE
'Make it make ___' SENSE
'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,' e.g BIOPIC
'Mario Is Missing!' hero LUIGI
'Shaun of the Dead' actor Simon PEGG
'That's all' IMDONE
'The Vampire Diaries' actress Dobrev NINA
'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' director ___ Craig ELI
'___ No Secret' (Kylie Minogue song) ITS
*Confusing situations MASSES
*Empathetic comment IRE
*Inning before extra innings NTH
*More bizarre ODER
*Removing the wrong letters, say EASING
*Spurs GADS
*___ the system (exploited the rules) GED
Auto decoration DECAL
Battery pack letters AAA
Behind, on a ship ASTERN
Bird hunted by a dingo EMU
Body made of plasma SUN
Brand with 'Scooping since 1928' on its cartons EDYS
Bulb-shaped fruit PEAR
Carol's time NOEL
Ceremony bestowal AWARD
Challenges presented by children DARES
Cherry ___ (tree) PLUM
Co-star of Sissy in 'The Long Walk Home' WHOOPI
Columns in cabins, maybe LOGS
Contemptible character CUR
Cool ___ (creamy pie topping brand) WHIP
Coricancha constructor INCA
Course surface SOD
Crowded, noisy party RAGER
Cultural interests ARTS
Dance studio railing BARRE
Destroyer sometimes used at sea TNT
Direct courses BEELINES
Djokovic's former tennis coach AGASSI
Doreen Shaffer's genre SKA
Durable deck material CEDAR
Electric Company card, e.g DEED
Equitable FAIR
Extract from poppies OPIUM
Fabric made from wool TWEED
Father's attire ALB
FBI a(gents) GMEN
Fire-tipped missile, at times ARROW
Firm name abbr INC
Flat-bladed tool HOE
Food rhyming with 59 Across EGG
Frequent faller in a Rube Goldberg machine DOMINO
Frightening responses SHRIEKS
Funny wedding pic? ROMCOM
Garment sold by Spanx BRA
Got 100 percent on NAILED
Gradually disintegrate ERODE
Group in wage talks UNION
Has a cold one IMBIBES
Has doubts ISNTSURE
Hulking fantasy beast OGRE
Inept sort DOOFUS
Largest of the dolphins ORCA
Leave No Doubt but still perform, say GOSOLO
Clues Answers
Legless larva MAGGOT
Like the author Francine Prose's surname APT
Lip of a cup RIM
Make a home (in) RESIDE
Make a second offer REBID
Make great progress GETFAR
Mathematical group SUBSET
Maxim Brewery's Double Maxim, e.g ALE
Missing groom-to-be in 'The Hangover' DOUG
Move away RECEDE
Musical subgenre of psychedelia ACIDROCK
Nautical mapping tool SONAR
Neverland hand SMEE
Nickname in 1950s politics IKE
Nickname in 1960s politics CHE
Noisemaker in a jam HORN
Non-public relations? LOVELIFE
Not suitable UNFIT
Obtain energy from FEEDON
Old painting site CAVE
One may wear a dastar SIKH
Orbital extreme APOGEE
Org. that painted the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' on its courts in 2020 NBA
Outing on a sound, e.g BOATRIDE
Parts of crossword grids ROWS
Party spirit, maybe GIN
Prepare for horse racing SADDLEUP
Press, as an accelerator STEPON
Pride parade month, often JUNE
Problems for crops PESTS
Promote, as lies PEDDLE
Protein-producing molecule RNA
Radio host Flatow, or radio host Shapiro backward IRA
Rainbow Falls locale HILO
Reason to fix a radiator LEAK
Recently introduced NEW
Recipe phrase ALA
Regal title SIRE
Relayed SENT
Reporter's viewpoint ANGLE
Represent ACTAS
Risking base discipline AWOL
Routinely ALOT
Ruminant in a meadow EWE
Save the Children provision AID
Sch. that receives more applications than any other college in the U.S UCLA
Sci-fi judge working in the year 2139 DREDD
Sharpen HONE
Sit ___ by IDLY
Small toys? RUNTS
Some characters in Jesmyn Ward's book 'Sing, Unburied, Sing' GHOSTS
Sport with a hall of fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum RODEO
Stars may signify them RANKS
Stats for National Pro Fastpitch players RBIS
Stunned INAWE
Surge protector? SODACAN
Symbol of efficiency ETA
Takes advantage of, as privileges ABUSES
The castaways on 'Gilligan's Island,' e.g SEPTET
The Fray singer Slade ISAAC
Theater section? SCENE
Things cracked by spies CODES
Time when an early riser is awake BREAKOFDAY
Time when an early riser is awake FIRSTLIGHT
Tony winner Kelli OHARA
Unlike pro bono work PAID
Vowel value in Scrabble ONE
What an early riser may watch ... and, reading bottom to top, what's spelled out by this puzzle's 'early risers' GOODMORNINGAMERICA
Why some players need an extra quarter TIE
___ Nakken, first woman to be a full-time coach in Major League Baseball history ALYSSA