- Aug 23 2020

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Clues Answers
''Alas, . . .'' IFEAR
''Deck the Halls'' excerpt FALALA
''Figura __'' (Spanish skating pattern) OCHO
''Inside'' data INFO
''Nova'' network PBS
''Outside'' prefix EXO
''That really frosts me!'' IMMAD
''That was __, . . .'' THEN
''That's correct!'' DING
''Westminster'' clock sound CHIME
''Works for me!'' YES
Above, in verse OER
Accumulate to excess HOARD
Alarming feeling PANIC
Anything seen IMAGE
Arizona State city TEMPE
Asian cuisine THAI
Authoritative source BIBLE
Baby food PAP
Ben Franklin wore them BIFOCALS
Besties PALS
Bids first OPENS
Blends together MELDS
Brief beachwear BIKINI
Bulls and toms MALES
Buy __ (believe) INTO
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Career soldier LIFER
Cartoon squeal EEK
Chance for grade improvement MAKEUPTEST
Church official ELDER
City northwest of Orlando OCALA
Come-from-behind charge RALLY
Common bond LINK
Complex plan SCHEME
Complex plan PLOT
Cote calls COOS
CPA crunch time APRIL
Culturally pretentious ARTSY
Digital publication EBOOK
Don't take no for an answer PRESS
Don't walk RIDE
Drifts off DOZES
Drive-thru devices ATMS
Émigré, for example EXILE
Erstwhile space station MIR
Fabric material FIBER
Far-ranging WIDE
Feline line MEOW
Fit for a queen REGAL
Fix for a better fit ALTER
Forest forager BEAR
Full of wonder AWED
Fund-raising dinner GALA
Give up via treaty CEDE
Goalie gear MASK
Good luck charm AMULET
Govt.-issued security TNOTE
Graduate school grillings ORALS
Gumbo essential OKRA
Hardly any SCANT
Helpful contingent AIDES
Holders for toys and teas CHESTS
Hun honcho ATTILA
Incentive SPUR
Italy's second city MILAN
Japanese copier company RICOH
Jones of nautical folklore DAVY
Kings' superiors ACES
Landscaper's chore BRUSHREMOVAL
Leaf collector RAKE
Left the building EXITED
Clues Answers
Legendary Mohawk leader HIAWATHA
Letter closer of yore SEALINGWAX
Map collection ATLAS
Menlo Park monogram TAE
Metaphor for luxury LAP
Murray or Roddick of tennis ANDY
Nation north of Venezuela GRENADA
NBA Pacific Division team LACLIPPERS
Negative prefix NON
Netanyahu nickname BIBI
Nitrogen's lack ODOR
Not anonymous NAMED
Not challenging EASY
Not get used SIT
Old-timey office reminder system TICKLERFILE
Opposing forces ARMIES
Oz originator BAUM
Pants spec SLIM
Paranormal glows AURAS
Performed perfectly NAILED
Place for a pin LAPEL
Place to park SPOT
Poetic sphere ORB
Political campaigns RACES
Porpoise cousins ORCAS
Pratt of Avengers films CHRIS
Progressive spokesperson FLO
Provide the food for CATER
Put a name to, informally IDED
Quick and nimble AGILE
Reprimand SCOLD
Reveal something TELL
Reverberates PEALS
Rotisserie accessory SPIT
Salt formula NACL
Scanning technology, for short OCR
Scrolls through READS
Secure at a pier MOOR
Shoes for folk dancing CLOGS
Skating sport ROLLERDERBY
Slip in some pots IOU
Smacks on the mouth SMOOCHES
Small soaker WATERGUN
Snoozefest BORE
Social media chuckle LOL
Solemn statements IDOS
Some Olympic racers KAYAKERS
Sorority letters RHOS
Source of discomfort ACHE
Sports drink brand GATORADE
Squandered BLEW
Stretchy 65 Down LYCRA
Swell, or so-so OKAY
Takes one's leave GOES
Throw with force HEAVE
Tourney round passes BYES
Train segment CAR
Tulane rival LSU
Turkey neighbor IRAN
Turned the soil PLOWED
TV host Seacrest RYAN
Under the weather ILL
Unpleasant duty ONUS
Validate the books AUDIT
Wartime neutral area BUFFERZONE
Well chilled ICECOLD
Wetlands tree ALDER
Word that can usually be pluralized NOUN
Yuletide stamp portrait MADONNA
__ Field (home of the Mets) CITI
__ Laredo, Mexico NUEVO
__ paper (fine stationery) RAG