L.A. Times Daily - Aug 23 2020

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Clues Answers
"Carpe diem," in textspeak YOLO
"Dang it!" OHCRUD
"I get it" AHSO
"I pity the fool" speaker MRT
"Little Red Book" writer MAO
"Little Shop of __" HORRORS
"No juice in my mojito, please"? HOLDTHELIME
"__ Song": John Denver hit ANNIES
1987 Best New Artist Grammy winner Watley JODY
Abbr. on a teeing ground sign YDS
Apiece EACH
Barrel component STAVE
Behind TUSH
Belgrade resident SERBIAN
Belt parts BUCKLES
Billiards type POOL
Bit of power WATT
Broadcast booth sign ONAIR
Busy as __ ABEE
Chef lead-in SOUS
Chile money PESO
Circus highlights ANIMALACTS
Comics impact BAM
Compulsive fire starters, informally PYROS
Court game HOOPS
Cream color ECRU
Crucifix ROOD
Culturally affected ARTY
Dances with shuffle steps CHACHAS
Deep fissure CHASM
Designer __ Saint Laurent YVES
Do a vet's job SPAY
Draw out EDUCE
Drink brand with a lizard logo SOBE
Duck Hunt console, briefly NES
Dull-sounding critter BOAR
Emmy-winning producer of "The Fugitive" Alan __ ARMER
Explorer da Gama VASCO
Fail to make contact with MISS
Fast-food chain with a cowboy hat logo ARBYS
Fields for fillies LEAS
File menu option SAVE
First African-American major-league coach Buck ONEIL
First fruit site EDEN
Fruit farm's cash flow? CURRANTINCOME
Fruit lover's gadget PARER
Fruit-filled dessert, often PIE
General and private RANKS
Get-up-and-go PEP
Gulf of __: Arabian Sea arm ADEN
Gun, as an engine REVUP
Hat that originated in Ecuador, strangely PANAMA
Hip-hop label co-founded by Jay-Z ROCAFELLA
How some items are auctioned BYLOT
Intangible quality AURA
It calls for sweeping action MESS
It's at one end of the back NAPE
Jack of old oaters ELAM
Jazz guitarist Montgomery WES
Juno's Greek counterpart HERA
Keats' Muse ERATO
Keyboard contemporary of Vladimir ARTUR
Kid's punishment NOTV
Kirsten of "Spider-Man" DUNST
Kitchen add-on? ETTE
Knighted Guinness ALEC
Kurt of Nirvana COBAIN
Lack on some gowns STRAPS
Lawn choice BLUEGRASS
Clues Answers
Leadoff double? EFS
Leaking slowly, as a faucet ADRIP
Let loose UNTIE
Letters for one with weekend plans TGIF
Like "Harvard Yard," as spoken by some locals RLESS
Like plump pets, perhaps OVERFED
Make __ dash AMAD
Marked on a ballot XED
Market speculator DAYTRADER
Masters of allusion POETS
Medal awardees HEROES
Mideast potentate EMIR
Midwest native OTOE
Mighty sharks MAKOS
More than a little unkind MEAN
Mosquito mating maneuver SWARM
Most weak PUNIEST
Muslim face covering NIQAB
New Balance rival AVIA
NFL pass blockers as a unit, in football lingo OLINE
Not too sharp, as an image LOWRES
One hanging in a 2000 election CHAD
One may come with a train GOWN
One removing fuzz from fuzzy fruit? PEACHCOMBER
Ornamental hedge shrub PRIVET
Pacific salmon COHO
Painter Nolde EMIL
Paul on guitar LES
Pay to play ANTE
Pequod, for one WHALER
Placed LAIN
Play setting SCENE
Poetic pairs IAMBI
Prime growing month for a citrus fruit? KUMQUATMAY
Primordial substance, in physics YLEM
Pump figure OCTANE
Purple hue LILAC
Recon pro SCOUT
Reserved __ SEAT
Runaway victory ROMP
Runs, moneywise COSTS
Sassy "Cheers" waitress CARLA
Scull crew OARS
Self-appointed pub experts BEERSNOBS
Snowblower maker TORO
So-called "river of wind" JETSTREAM
Solution strength TITER
Song sung by a French fruit lover? MYCHERRYAMOUR
Sorority letters PHIS
Sources of current information OCEANMAPS
Spanish lasso REATA
Starts the show OPENS
Styron protagonist Turner NAT
Take a dip BATHE
Temporary pause LULL
Tiny tweet PEEP
Tolkien monsters ORCS
Took care of SAWTO
Tortilla dough MASA
Toy line? LEASH
Trait carrier GENE
VA concern PTSD
Vegan protein source SOY
Verse sometimes sung ODE
Vintner's prospects? GRAPEEXPECTATIONS
Visually rapt AGAZE
Vocalist Sumac YMA
Wood shop tool VISE
Wreck with a ball RAZE
Write-up on a fruit? PEARREVIEW
Yale of Yale fame ELIHU