The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,068 - Aug 9 2020

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Clues Answers
A bank seen on far side of river, very little RARELY
A part of song, hostile AVERSE
Bun, say: tricky eating one with starter of offal HAIRDO
Completely destroyed, Dynamic Duo and I wept WIPEDOUT
Country history test PASTORAL
Criticise wrinkles in body parts PANCREASES
Dog food CHOW
Exposed place for birth OUTSET
Fish with a tail end CODA
Frame in car OK for going abroad ROOFRACK
Fresh lemon is put on a pudding SEMOLINA
Gather team as serving drinks AMASS
Immediately, love equally exciting LIKEASHOT
In the raw -— like a plain salad? UNDRESSED
Learn art in case appearing crafty ASCERTAIN
Clues Answers
Make-up has run, being sloppy SLAPDASH
Originally, birch or yew proving flexible for old weapons manufacturer BOWYER
Parents on the outskirts of an American country PANAMA
Primitive mood in philosopher STONEAGE
Reportedly, take off tiny jumper FLEA
Somewhere in Somerset, old actress riding thoroughbred? WESTONSUPERMARE
Superficial type in soak SKINDEEP
Teas oddly dismissed, posers ordered coffee ESPRESSO
Tree in central part of Europe, white ROWAN
Tube blocked by a coin, once DUCAT
Vessel on a lake, artificial waterway CANAL
Where athletes randomly entered, no matter what? INANYEVENT
With difficulty, progress measured, we hear? WADE
With the current club, confess manacled DOWNRIVER