Universal - Aug 22 2020

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Clues Answers
"Just a ___!" SEC
"Match Game" host Baldwin ALEC
"Slide into my DMs" HMU
"___ queen!" YASS
'60s boot style GOGO
*"SportsCenter" specialty COLORCOMMENTARY
*Chicago's region COOKCOUNTY
*Popular soda COCACOLA
*Widely used educational standards COMMONCORE
About, in a guess ORSO
Actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
Amazement AWE
Approved OKED
Asian country with a five-sided flag NEPAL
Asian gambling mecca MACAO
Bench press muscle, briefly PEC
Body's trunk TORSO
Carne ___ ASADA
Checkups EXAMS
Coffee mate's owner NESTLE
Conjure up EVOKE
Crime bosses CAPOS
Distinctive times ERAS
Do one's civic duty CASTAVOTE
Encroachment INROAD
Enraged MAD
Epitomize EMBODY
Establishes, as a law ENACTS
Excited about INTO
Extra NBA periods OTS
Fans of a certain redheaded host, or a hint to the starred entries TEAMCOCO
First half of a cassette SIDEA
Gold or silver source ORE
Green of "Casino Royale" EVA
Hideaway LAIR
Home of Africa's Calendar Lake (365 miles long, 52 miles wide) MALAWI
Intel gathering RECON
Clues Answers
Its max score is 36 ACT
Japanese instrument (TOOK anagram) KOTO
Key hidden in "database" TAB
Lead-in to "pop" or "rock" ALT
Lip balm brand, or a Greek goddess EOS
Main M.D PCP
Micro or macro subj ECON
Miley Cyrus dance move TWERK
Not deceived by ONTO
Notes at work MEMOS
Nwodim of "SNL" EGO
Offering unbeatable service? ACING
One crying "Foul!" REF
Popular day to start a diet: Abbr MON
Prepare, as a scene SET
Pretentious sorts SNOBS
Readies for a dog show, say GROOMS
Recluse LONER
Reggae precursor SKA
Rocks with sparkly insides GEODES
See 41-Down INC
Shoe with holes CROC
Silento dance move NAENAE
Skin-smoothing treatments FACEPEELS
Sorrow WOE
Sound of relief SIGH
Statistical procedure TEST
Supreme Court justices, collectively NONET
Texter's "I can't believe it!" OMG
Turns pink, say? DYES
West who played Batman ADAM
Where Queens is, informally NYC
With 28-Down, "We scare because we care" Pixar film MONSTERS
Words after a few deep breaths IMCALM
You might be copied on one EMAIL
___ Club (retail chain) SAMS
___ the wiser NONE