L.A. Times Daily - Aug 21 2020

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Clues Answers
"And giving __, up the chimney ... " ANOD
"Banjo on my knee" song of 1848 OHSUSANNA
"Major Crimes" force, briefly LAPD
"Settle down!" COOLIT
"Whatever you want" NAMEIT
38-Across relative ORG
Actress Milano ALYSSA
Algerian port ORAN
Atlanta sch. fielding the Panthers GSU
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Browser's find SITE
Burnoose-wearing leader EMIR
Butcher's offering CUTLET
Candy __ CANE
CIA relative NSA
Disease namesake LYME
Donor drive target ALUM
Eggs on crackers, perhaps CAVIAR
Encl. to an editor SAE
Female beast that sounds like a river TIGRESS
For that reason ERGO
Forest grazers DEER
Frivolous GIDDY
Genetic molecule RNA
Gp. with related interests ASSN
Granola relative MUESLI
Gyrate like Cyrus TWERK
Hip-hop star Green CEELO
Hollowed-out area CAVITY
Indian music RAGA
Insensitive, in a way NOTPC
It has Giants but not Titans: Abbr NFC
Leaves for a spot TEA
Clues Answers
Like some hotel thermostats PRESET
Like troublesome mascara SMEARY
Little on "The Wire" OMAR
Loving exchanges IDOS
Mailing label words SHIPTO
Many in Caltech's faculty ENGINEERS
Mekong River land LAOS
Mythical aerial menace ROC
Neighbor of Arg BOL
Object of a detective's quest PROOF
Order to soldiers FALLIN
Organ with a hammer EAR
Ozone-depleting chemicals, briefly CFCS
P-like letter RHO
Periphery EDGE
Power source SOLAR
Provides a buffet, say CATERS
Roman sun god SOL
Root that's a source of tapioca CASSAVA
Running behind LATE
Sch. with an Asheville campus UNC
Showing presently ONNOW
Spray with a hose DRENCH
Staff figures CLEFS
Starting places ORIGINS
Strengthen AMPUP
Top often with an image TEE
Unwilling LOATH
Ward of "House" SELA
Weapon for Spain's Philip II ARMADA
Westernmost Aleutian Island ATTU
With less delay SOONER
Without siblings ONLY
Woolgatherer? SHEARER
Word with sea or seed BED
Works on a route TARS
__ chi TAI