USA Today - Oct 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'As a matter of ___ . . .' FACT
'Get lost, fly!' SHOO
'Hurry up!' in a car STEPONIT
'I wanna see!' SHOWME
'In memoriam' item, for short OBIT
'Russian Ark' title TSAR
'Take My Hand, Precious ___' LORD
'Tall Girl' star Michelle AVA
Artist ___ Kwame Kye Quaicoe OTIS
Band worn diagonally SASH
Bedtime performances STORIES
Blessing that's right on time BOON
Blood drive quantities (Abbr.) PTS
Car buyer's activity TESTDRIVING
Chinese for 'wind' FENG
Competitor of Budget ALAMO
Cup Noodles instruction STIR
Curved-beaked wader IBIS
Enthusiastic AVID
Esther Duflo's subject, for short ECON
Ethnic group in Rwanda HUTU
Figure on a sales slip TAX
Fries or potato salad, e.g SIDE
Get-together, for short SESH
Hazardous precipitation SLEET
High-pH compound BASE
Homeric epic ILIAD
Kiddie-lit elephant BABAR
Lab bottle VIAL
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Less cordial ICIER
Like small chances SLIM
Like sweepstakes drawings RANDOM
Low-pH compounds ACIDS
Lunge counts REPS
Male bighorn RAM
Mammal whose males bugle ELK
Missing links GAPS
Most August births LEOS
Clues Answers
Not oblivious AWARE
Nourishes FEEDS
Open house organizer REALTOR
Paper fan fold PLEAT
Pass over SKIP
Post-judo woe ACHE
Prefix for 'biography' AUTO
Prefix for 'circle' SEMI
Problems ILLS
Protagonist of Raven Leilani's 'Luster' EDIE
Put forth EXERT
Quick comedy bit SKIT
Rescuer SAVIOR
Restaurant bills TABS
School fundraiser grps PTAS
Sewer entrance MANHOLE
Shakespearean king LEAR
Sheet of glass in a door PANE
Singer Lennox ARI
Some casual shirts POLOS
Soundless excerpt from a TV show, perhaps GIF
Source of sticker shock PRICETAG
Stop by VISIT
Sty residents PIGS
Take a load off REST
Tamal wrapper HUSK
Tapas bar beverage SANGRIA
The 'D' in CD DISC
Third-smallest of Hawaii's main islands LANAI
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Time spent with others SOCIALLIFE
Unaccounted for AWOL
Unpleasant person SNOT
Unpleasant person PIECEOFWORK
URL ending ORG
___ and forth BACK
___ Gardens, Florida MIAMI