USA Today - Oct 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't depart, doggie!' STAY
'Kapow!' BAM
'Lip Gloss' artist Lil ___ MAMA
'Never Have I ___' EVER
'Take a ___' (Janelle Monae song from 'Dirty Computer') BYTE
An hour after midnight ONEAM
Angry speeches RANTS
Apartment units (Abbr.) RMS
Armstrong who signed letters 'Red beans and ricely yours' LOUIS
Chaotic crowd MOB
Coax a grin from AMUSE
College concentration MAJOR
Competition on natural terrain CROSSCOUNTRYRUN
Complies with OBEYS
Container for dirty clothes LAUNDRYBASKET
Cozy stopovers INNS
Crisco competitor WESSON
Croc's cousin GATOR
Cut off SEVER
CUUP purchase BRA
De-fleeced SHORN
Dryer filter clogger LINT
Education evaluation TEST
Far from clueless AWARE
Feel nostalgic about MISS
Fifth Harmony song with the lyric 'Every day is pay day' BOSS
Floppy part of a dachshund EAR
Frilly LACY
Gibbons and gorillas, e.g APES
Has yet to pay back OWES
Hold very dear ADORE
Imbue with a new hue DYE
India's continent ASIA
Ingredient from a peel ZEST
Initials meaning 'Now!' ASAP
Its shadow causes lunar eclipses EARTH
Leave out OMIT
Let's Move! leader Michelle OBAMA
Monopoly token with wheels CAR
Clues Answers
Moved in a curved path ARCED
Near-future target SHORTTERMGOAL
Notable periods ERAS
Number-picking casino game KENO
Phrase after an estimate ORSO
Place for mascara LASH
Promgoer's vehicle LIMO
Safari sound ROAR
Sale caveat ASIS
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Scientific unit that's an anagram of 'slate' TESLA
Sharp-toothed eel MORAY
Shopping ___ MALL
Shoreline shelter COVE
Smartphone symbol ICON
Soccer star Lionel MESSI
Some sculptures BUSTS
South American rainforest AMAZON
Standards NORMS
Stockholmers, e.g SWEDES
Strange sort, unkindly WEIRDO
Sudden flood SPATE
Suddenly abandon JILT
Sycophantic guys YESMEN
Taiwanese PC maker ACER
They get 40-Down EWES
Toga relative TUNIC
Took a tuk-tuk, say RODE
Top of a mosque DOME
Underneath BELOW
Village People song YMCA
Walk like a penguin WADDLE
Walking rate PACE
Wasn't indifferent CARED
Well-suited APT
Woodworking tool with jaws VISE
Word after 'go' or 'home' TEAM
Word after 'packing' or 'masking' TAPE
World Cup cheer OLE