New York Times - Aug 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'All good here' IMSET
'Get a room!' elicitor, for short PDA
'Please, have ___' ASEAT
'So cool!' AWESOME
'So ___ heard' IVE
'The ___: Generation Q,' sequel series starting in 2019 LWORD
'Why ___ thou promise such a beauteous day': Shak DIDST
*'Er ... um ...' WHATEANTWAS
*An old wedding dress might have this SENTENTALVALUE
*Mickey's rival for Minnie's affection MORTERMOUSE
-speak ESE
-y, pluralized IES
A while ago ONCE
Bases make up a part of it PHSCALE
Basic bio subject RNA
Beef, e.g MEAT
Big pitchers EWERS
Carrier of sleeping sickness TSETSE
Classic young adult novel ... or hint to the path taken by four letters in the answers to the starred clues AWRINKLEINTIME
College ___ (something that might include an SAT score) APP
Commercial lead-in to mart WAL
Cure-all PANACEA
Custom auto accessories RIMS
Dainty dining decorations DOILIES
Dipstick TWIT
Disgruntled SORE
Dish served with a spoon and chopsticks RAMEN
Dr. Evil's little clone in the 'Austin Powers' films MINIME
Finishing touches, of a sort ICINGS
First name in jazz ELLA
Former inmate EXCON
Grandson of Adam and Eve ENOS
Hindu god of destruction SIVA
Hypothetical solar system body beyond Neptune PLANETX
Issuance from an American embassy USVISA
Clues Answers
It can be broken, but not fixed LAW
It's got teeth SPROCKET
Jon Arbuckle's dog ODIE
Kitchen brand OXO
Languish AIL
Longhorn rival SOONER
Loosey-goosey LAX
Mens ___ (legal term) REA
Multivolume ref. works OEDS
Must-haves NEEDS
One-up TOP
Peter of '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' LORRE
Pinches pennies SCRIMPS
Pink alcoholic drink, familiarly COSMO
Popular Oldsmobile model of the 1980s-'90s CIERA
Popular salad dressing ITALIAN
QB protectors, informally OLINE
Relatives of violas CELLI
Request that's risky if you're over 18? HITME
Ring-shaped cutters attached to drills HOLESAWS
Romania's currency LEU
Root in Polynesian cuisine TARO
Salinger title girl ESME
See 18-Across NOW
See 3-Down EAR
Serenader on a pea-green boat, in rhyme OWL
Shiny fabrics LAMES
Some reds CLARETS
Super's apartment, often ONEA
Tiny beef NIT
Title with a tilde SENORA
White-barked trees ASPENS
With 19-Across, heretofore ERE
With 20-Across, balance regulator INNER
___ cit. (footnote abbr.) LOC