- Aug 19 2020

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Clues Answers
''Inside'' information DOPE
''Lady'' of pop music GAGA
Actress Thurman UMA
Adulated ones IDOLS
Affluent WEALTHY
Airline to Oslo SAS
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Arrives GETSIN
Banister RAIL
Baseball game segment INNING
Better fertilized, perhaps GREENER
Boot out OUST
Bottles in cellars WINES
Business card abbr TEL
Catch sight of SPOT
Cowpoke's rope LASSO
Currency in France EUROS
Cylinder for water PIPE
Dolphin Expressway city MIAMI
Election projection POLL
Extremely funny KNEESLAPPING
Eye up OGLE
Flightless bird EMU
French ''the'' LES
French resort region RIVIERA
Great enthusiasm ARDOR
Harper who wrote ''. . . Mockingbird'' LEE
Has breakfast EATS
In the midst of a practical joke LEGPULLING
Ireland alias ERIN
Irritate ANNOY
Keyboard instrument PIANO
Kid's coat fastener SNAP
Leafy cabbage KALE
Letter after alpha BETA
Letters for a battleship USS
Like prime steaks AGED
List in a phone bk NOS
Clues Answers
List of team members ROSTER
Little boy LAD
Live-in babysitters NANNIES
Make angry RILE
Make simpler EASEUP
Male hog BOAR
Manning of football ELI
Minor quarrels SPATS
Oil field apparatus RIG
Org. for doctors AMA
Pioneer's cabin material LOG
Playwright __ Simon NEIL
Prepare to photograph AIMAT
Procrastination FOOTDRAGGING
Relatives KIN
Retirement plan, familiarly IRA
Rural grain holder SILO
Scatterbrain AIRHEAD
Seashore birds GULLS
Shout like ''Presto!'' VOILA
Showery month APRIL
Skating venue RINK
Skunk's defense ODOR
Smartphone download APP
Snappy comeback RETORT
Sounded a bell RANG
Sounded a bell PEALED
Stag's mate DOE
Strong encouragements URGINGS
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Type of seaweed ALGAE
Utopian IDEAL
Very dry ARID
Very lively, as music TOETAPPING
Werewolf's tooth FANG
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ bar (Hawaii-themed eatery) TIKI
__ Dhabi ABU