Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 19 2020

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Clues Answers
A job for one taking a shine to some perfect leaders of Easter Rising POLISHER
Ambition to dispose of boat with motor MINI
American neighbour produced a new commercial welcomed by accountant CANADA
Aristotle dismisses art with crack? LOSEIT
Away at college on rebellious curve in Ghana, they serve you this fritter to eat? ACCRA
Covers start of 15 across at school INSURANCES
Downsides when there's a lot missing from coolants CONS
Esther edges away after Russell finds Lawrence is sensitive to arty types AESTHETE
Get out of jail card - presumably that's only for the one undercover with the car INSURANCEPOLICY
Left out of retrograde medication for trip SLIP
Man of the cloth produces nothing in criminal trial TAILOR
Matches a set of plans SCHEMATA
One doing work out of the blue? INDIGO
Party leader goes around America, for example, and European Union upsetting one of those asking to stay at home HOUSEGUEST
Clues Answers
Police department shows up surrounding a mart masquerading as something theatrical DRAMATIC
Shines a light on the extremes of labour camp LAMP
Son of revolutionary characters taken in by Angela Merkel MALE
Steal someone's identity or familiar moniker NICKNAME
The Animals' set opens to hysteria in Australian state TASMANIA
The latest rage for somebody with no boys? MODE
The range of Italian neighbours, in a manner of speaking, with a chain in Switzerland? FRENCHALPS
They market what's in 15 across to risk-takers INSURERS
Those doing a bit of dealing lose head with those working in the house USHERS
Tip off of reduced sentence is leaked perhaps? EMISSION
Turns off graduations - is it the slow tempo? ADAGIO
Without the borders, this is staggering to young one on the street URCHIN
Workers getting to grips with donations from celebrity coming out of wife's previous address MAIDENNAME
You're unlikely to hear this praise if you're late, as typically it accompanies a put down EULOGY