- Aug 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''I'd like to take a shot'' LETMETRY
''If it __ broke . . .'' AINT
''Mona __'' LISA
''Poison'' climbing vine IVY
''We __ please'' AIMTO
Aids and __ (helps in a crime) ABETS
Alphabet intro ABCDE
Alpine apex PEAK
Ancient OLD
Baker's appliance OVEN
Bear with too-hot porridge PAPA
Book of world maps ATLAS
Bothersome person PEST
Brewery tubs VATS
Brit's ''Dear me!'' ISAY
Building for livestock BARN
Capital of Norway OSLO
Caught a glimpse of SAW
Cause of a dripping pipe LEAK
Change, as a price label RETAG
Construction site lifter CRANE
Donate GIVE
Double curve on a road SBEND
Every single one ALL
Filled with dryer fuzz LINTY
Food for pigs SLOP
Foolish person DOLT
Give approval for OKAY
Have an urge for CRAVE
Hawaiian restaurant figurine TIKI
Hill built by an insect colony ANTSNEST
Informal and friendly FOLKSY
Lagoon's coral formation REEF
Lake boat CANOE
Luau instruments UKES
Make a hard copy of PRINT
Master of __ (graduate degree) ARTS
Mouthwash flavoring MINT
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Clues Answers
Not scheduled yet: Abbr TBA
Not tight enough LOOSE
Of great height TALL
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Paper towel package ROLL
Paved backyard areas PATIOS
Pilfered STOLE
Ping-Pong surface TABLETOP
Pink chew for kids BUBBLEGUM
Pink long-legged birds FLAMINGOS
Pink traditional infant wear BABYGIRLCLOTHES
Poker pot pay-ins ANTES
Quick on the __ (smart) UPTAKE
Ram's mate EWE
Renounce, as a family member DISOWN
Right, on a map EAST
Rodeo rope LASSO
Rule the kingdom REIGN
Sample of food TASTE
Slight cut from shaving NICK
Small ravine GULLY
Spoke (up) PIPED
Standard of conduct ETHIC
Steakhouse order TBONE
Swelled head EGO
Taken by mouth, as medicine ORAL
Tax pro: Abbr CPA
Thinking only of others SELFLESS
Tied, as a score EVEN
Tips of ears LOBES
Touches on the shoulder TAPS
Try for a job APPLY
Very impressed INAWE
Weather prefix for sphere ATMO
Woman in a choir ALTO
Work at a keyboard TYPE
__ about (approximately) ONOR
__ of measure (quart or mile) UNIT
__ Peace Prize NOBEL