New York Times - Aug 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'Hey, you!' PSST
'If ___ doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?': Alice Walker ART
'Sealed With ___' AKISS
'We're all born naked and the rest is ___': RuPaul DRAG
36th state to ratify 53-Across, resulting in its passage TENNESSEE
A choir might sing in it UNISON
Alanis Morissette song about unfortunate situations IRONIC
Balkan land whose capital is Pristina KOSOVO
Bra part STRAP
Brazilian soccer great PELE
Bullring cries OLES
Call it a day RETIRE
Citrus drink often sold in a pear-shaped bottle ORANGINA
Coin in an arcade TOKEN
Complete DVD collection, maybe BOXSET
Compulsively particular, say ANAL
Computer key usually hit with the left pinkie TAB
Cul-de-___ SAC
Defaulter's loss, informally REPO
Division of the economy SECTOR
Ending with chick ADEE
Expected, as a baby DUE
Feathered creatures AVIANS
Fill-in worker TEMP
Foldable bed FUTON
Ford Motor flop of the 1950s EDSEL
Ford Motor muscle cars MUSTANGS
Front of a pig SNOUT
German article EINE
Girl of Green Gables ANNE
Grumpy Cat or Doge, e.g MEME
Heroine in Pearl Buck's 'The Good Earth' OLAN
Jason's ship, in myth ARGO
Kids' game with a lot of running TAG
Like a blue moon RARE
Clues Answers
Lucy who played Watson on 'Elementary' LIU
Measure fully ratified on 8/18/1920 AMENDMENTXIX
Mine, in Le Mans AMOI
Moon goddess LUNA
Narrow estuaries RIAS
New York State's ___ Canal ERIE
Nickelodeon's 'Kenan & ___' KEL
One meas. of economic activity GDP
One reason dogs lick us is for this, it's believed SALT
Period in history ERA
Piece for Leontyne Price ARIA
Pre-Q quartet MNOP
Recipe measures: Abbr TSPS
Rights advocate who campaigned for 53-Across ALICEPAUL
Scottish miss LASS
Seven Sisters school in the Hudson Valley VASSAR
Simple adding device ABACUS
Slithery fish EEL
Some gym personnel TRAINERS
Some partners in lesbian couples FEMS
Something produced by a dogwood tree ... or a dog BARK
Subject of 53-Across WOMENSSUFFRAGE
Surfer's need WAVE
Tonsillitis-treating doc ENT
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
What 53-Across changed CONSTITUTION
What juice cleanses are supposed to get rid of TOXINS
Without the possibility of being taken back FORKEEPS
Zeus, to Rhea SON
___ Quimby of children's literature RAMONA
___-play ROLE