The Sun - Two Speed - Aug 18 2020

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Clues Answers
Ailment MALADY
Bird in colour that is reflected EIDER
Blackpool has this look we hear PIER
Blaze FIRE
Car fuel PETROL
Carpentry fastener NAIL
Cathedral cleric, second one ousted MINSTER
Chap almost defying senior official MANDARIN
Chinese language MANDARIN
CIA men vandalised picture-house CINEMA
Colloquialism IDIOM
Complaint from old woman: posh one? MALADY
Disturb American soldier in a gallery AGITATE
Drink dear to French instructor TEACHER
Engine driver? PETROL
Expression from princess in Isle of Man IDIOM
Feeling anger shown by female FIRE
Film theatre CINEMA
Fixer in Sinai lauded NAIL
Fool going after river bird FALCON
Fruit is something worthless LEMON
Hiawatha's transport in stormy ocean CANOE
Impartial NEUTRAL
Infuriate a Green mistakenly ENRAGE
Clues Answers
Jetty PIER
Large church MINSTER
Leather strip THONG
Long-winged hawk FALCON
Make angry ENRAGE
Mention warped time in formulation OINTMENT
Ne plus ultra strangely unremarkable NEUTRAL
One able to fill some of the time at work? DENTIST
Paddled craft CANOE
Purple gem AMETHYST
Robin was one violent criminal HOOD
School worker TEACHER
Sea duck EIDER
Sherbet flavour LEMON
Soothing balm OINTMENT
Stay with them breaking stone AMETHYST
Strap seen in length on girdle THONG
Such a net can become loose UNCHASTE
Tooth doctor DENTIST
Torment AGONY
Try to stop some suffering AGONY
Turn about axis ROTATE
Twaddle consumed is spin ROTATE
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Unreliable man keeps rodent ERRATIC