The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,444 - Aug 17 2020

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Clues Answers
Awful smell coming from traps over by church STENCH
Better ahead overlooking station UPGRADE
Bloomer concealed by old Roman Catholic ORCHID
Charlie with last of sticky sweets CANDY
Dutch after cup, status symbol TROPHYWIFE
Fire escape LETOFF
Got shirt messy in outhouse, like Billy Bunter? SHORTSIGHTED
Highest score is excellent TOPNOTCH
I was introduced to American after seizing power IMPETUS
Insensitive, albeit not as much following start of talks THOUGHTLESS
Keep cards in rack each year close to Lent STANDPAT
Large insect runs inside on the ground HORNET
Meat company breaking embargo BACON
Minute part of it in yolk TINY
Clues Answers
Offend stranger playing with small son TRANSGRESS
One may help one escape from a trap SANDWEDGE
Pictures of guys returning, arrested by US agents CINEMA
Report made by knight during case BANG
Resume painting to support others RESTART
Set fire to fuel left out IGNITE
Singer's bar number, by Otis Redding initially COUNTERTENOR
Sly character in western given help by lawman, at first WEASEL
Spectre of international consumed by anger WRAITH
Storyteller in court, near to collapse RACONTEUR
Tag one article in English gym EPITHET
Totally dismissed just claim OUTRIGHT
Want Mark to face Manchester, say SCARCITY