The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 616 - Aug 10 2020

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Clues Answers
A table leg broken in game BAGATELLE
After many hours, sailor sees the sun DAYSTAR
Alluring woman encountered over time in newspapers TEMPTRESS
American actress caught horse in base CLARABOW
Beat foremost of rivals? Husband exploded myth RHYTHM
Bird that's black and yellow, heading off RAVEN
Book a sailor brought over ATLAS
Brief trendy class INFORM
Bush changed history in Florida FORSYTHIA
Carry out piece of equipment IMPLEMENT
Disconcert cast THROW
Drank, permitted by second wife SWALLOWED
Drunk loiters in Portuguese resort town ESTORIL
EP sale to be arranged? I'd like that PLEASE
Excellent purse for change SUPER
Female stiff, and very cold FRIGID
Clues Answers
Fictional valley in one volume penned by author Ruth RIVENDELL
Grew small flowers ROSES
In fact, error is masking a means of coercion TERRORISM
Less enthusiastic about a new kitchen utensil COLANDER
Meat, mostly rump for pet? HAMSTER
New brew in a watering hole WINEBAR
Old male writer in front of American vehicle OMNIBUS
Outside broadcast – do watch OBSERVE
Overweight woman eating right? LARDY
Passionate macho types kept in check VEHEMENT
Place where plants are grown in northern Surrey, surprisingly NURSERY
Police officer collecting odd percussion instruments DRUMS
Reportedly chose college illustrated PICTORIAL
Spoil girl in Andalusian resort MARBELLA
That woman behind American doorman USHER
Unrestrained tirade about a politician RAMPANT