- Aug 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Hurry in'' event ONEDAYSALE
''USA . . . USA . . .'' CHANT
35mm device SLR
Absorbs, as costs EATS
After-dinner hand wipes MOISTTOWELETTES
After-dinner throwaway PAPERTABLECLOTH
Agree (to) ASSENT
Airwaves monitor: Abbr FCC
Already watched SEEN
Angler's basket CREEL
Animated mermaid ARIEL
Annoyance PEEVE
Barcelona bravo OLE
Be a procrastinator STALL
Becomes unfit to eat TURNS
Beers for everyone ROUND
Biblical ''will'' SHALT
Birds on Canadian coins LOONS
Blockhead TWIT
Boomer of football ESIASON
Bouillabaisse sauce ROUILLE
Cable sports award ESPY
Call off a mission ABORT
Caroler's ''Listen'' HARK
Class of car SEDAN
Comprehensive ATOZ
Cooler at the beach SEABREEZE
Cordless counter SOLARCALCULATOR
Counting carbs, say ONADIET
Covers with just a little snow DUSTS
Dishwasher residue SPOTS
Disneyland's Sprinkles, for one BAKERY
Downspout sites EAVES
Elephant's quartet KNEES
English horn cousin OBOE
Enticing smell AROMA
Expanse near farmland MEADOW
Eye-catching works OPART
Fallen angel SATAN
Finally finished with RIDOF
Find a new purpose for REUSE
Finger-on-lips orders SHUSHES
Fit for the job ABLE
Fit to eat, per Muslim law HALAL
Fly high without an engine GLIDE
Former caterpillar MOTH
Frat letters MUS
Freshly ANEW
Friend in a fight ALLY
From beyond the suburbs RURAL
Fruit scoop BALLER
General Mills brand CHEX
Gets recycling ready SORTS
Go biking PEDAL
Greek peace goddess IRENE
Gum wrapper creation CHAIN
High flier without an engine EAGLE
Horseshoe-shaped hardware UBOLT
How ham is prepared for salad bars DICED
Humpty Dumpty-like OBESE
Important time period EPOCH
In need of cleanup MESSY
Isn't settled yet PENDS
Kid-lit rabbit PETER
Lace into ASSAIL
Learn to make do ADAPT
Left the ground briefly LEAPT
Long-respected one ICON
Low-calorie sweetener SUGARSUBSTITUTE
Clues Answers
Lute of India SITAR
Medical suffix OSIS
Mini-greenhouse HOTBOX
Minor Italian cardinal TRE
Moat without water DITCH
Mysterious glow AURA
Noodles with tofu PADTHAI
Numbers + numbers SUM
On like a lantern LIT
One home on the range TEAKETTLE
One use for a waffle CONE
Opposite of -ful LESS
p, as in publishing PAGE
Packs tightly CRAMS
Pet protection org ASPCA
Places for corn CRIBS
Places for hay LOFTS
Poker play FOLD
Portioned (out) DOLED
Pour out DECANT
Programming pro CODER
Puniest pup RUNT
Puppy's cry YIP
Qatar's capital DOHA
Request for repetition AGAIN
Resistance measures OHMS
Revelatory TELLTALE
Reverse, as a decision UNDO
Roman forum predecessor AGORA
See 32 Across STORES
See 91 Across OLIVE
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Sleeveless shirt TANKTOP
Small elevations: Abbr HTS
Socially polished SUAVE
Sound of armor CLANK
Speak like Daffy Duck LISP
Spoken for TAKEN
Spots for shingles ROOFS
Squeezy snakes BOAS
Sub viewer SCOPE
Super Bowl side NFC
Switch label ONOFF
Table salt, symbolically NACL
Take pleasure (in) BASK
Taunt, informally RAGON
Theater great Merman or Barrymore ETHEL
They're outnumbered MINORITIES
Thin pancake CREPE
Thomas Mann's writer daughter ERIKA
Thorny bunch ROSES
Tips, as one's cap DOFFS
Tones of choice HUES
Typist's target KEYBOARD
Underscore STRESS
Unfortunate SADBUTTRUE
Unpleasant encounter RUNIN
Unseals so as to be resealable STEAMSOPEN
Venerable dental assistant CRESTTOOTHPASTE
Verbalize UTTER
Web crafts seller ETSY
Web-crawling software BOTS
With 104 Across, large salad spheroid GIANT
With 88 Across, where the theme goods can be bought these days DOLLAR
Working busily ATIT
__ Darya (Central Asian river) AMU
__-am (type of tourney) PRO
__-ski (time to relax) APRES