Universal - Aug 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"I ___ a vacation!" NEED
"Just as I thought!" AHA
"Let's do it!" IMGAME
"The ___ With Ari Melber" BEAT
"Welcome" site MAT
*Best Actress winner for "On the Waterfront" (5 to 9) EVAMARIESAINT
*Chess match, e.g. (see letters 5 to 7) BATTLEOFWITS
*Grand Caravan, e.g. (4 to 9) DODGEMINIVAN
1987 film about Ritchie Valens LABAMBA
Adjust slightly TWEAK
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Apple's ___ Touch IPOD
Assessed RATED
Before long, poetically ANON
Bowler's place? HATBOX
Burger serving PATTY
Cancels, with "out" XES
Certain hallucinogen LSD
Chiapas cheer OLE
Colon, in an analogy ISTO
Cross a threshold, perhaps GOIN
Cry after a hard week TGIF
Degree for a 41-Down, maybe MBA
Double-___ (commit a party foul) DIP
Element with the fewest letters TIN
Exfoliating spa treatments FACIALS
Fell in flurries SNOWED
Get over a past relationship MOVEON
Gondola's waterway CANAL
Grace under pressure POISE
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Ice cream holder CUP
Last Greek letter OMEGA
LGA posting ETA
Like cannoli and tiramisu ITALIAN
Log on, and a theme hint SIGNIN
London's Big ___ BEN
Clues Answers
Malek of "Bohemian Rhapsody" RAMI
McKinley or Tarbell IDA
Mike of "American Pickers" WOLFE
Mortise inserts TENONS
Move rapidly DART
Move, informally RELO
Neutrogena competitor OLAY
Paintballs, in a paintball fight AMMO
Pecan or pistachio NUT
Personal appearance MIEN
Polish's partner SPIT
Popular ab exercise SITUP
Role of Nichols? UHURA
Sacred song PSALM
Scale, as a rock wall CLIMB
Set a price of ASK
She lives on her phone SIRI
Ship part that often gets watery BILGE
Sink alternative SWIM
Slowly, in music ADAGIO
Sound of escaping steam HISS
Stable female MARE
Start to gesticulate? SOFTG
Strikes down, old-style SMITES
Take advantage of USE
Tend to a garden WEED
Tends to a lawn MOWS
Texter's "Enough!" TMI
Their petals are often white DAISIES
They carry a charge IONS
Tide type NEAP
Toymaker with Super Mario sets LEGO
Uncle on posters SAM
Used car selling point ONEOWNER
Wicked habit VICE
Witherspoon of "Wild" REESE
WSJ subscriber, perhaps CFO
___ annum PER
___ circle (closest advisers) INNER