Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 12 2020

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Clues Answers
A bit much from ring leader of the Mafia following father back from Spain OVERDONE
A vicar prepared a fancy spread CAVIAR
Better off including a French woman with dark hair BRUNETTE
Counts bank's toxic assets TOTS
Couple of views in The Observer? EYEWITNESS
Crafty type of hot drink outside SHIP
Describes something similar in 12 across at school PORTRAYS
Economic misfortune for firm getting 2 down HARDSHIP
Estimates, over and around, for example, part of the summer season opening GAUGES
Her work is bound to be read by bookseller AUTHOR
Instrument to put an end to 24 across with brief visits WHISTLESTOPTOUR
Is incapable of feeling popular and responsive INSENTIENT
Knocking back containers of Scotch? STOP
Knocks over container with the French port? NAPLES
Clues Answers
Leaders of revolutionary insurgency locked in unstable Alamo from city in Texas AMARILLO
Leo, for one, gets to put something in the letterbox with guide SIGNPOST
Makes a name for one of those on the board with warning to bookmaker SIGNWRITER
Martin leaves Parliament as white as a sheet PALE
No longer in passages releasing gas PASSE
Picture cited novel about president DEPICT
Relation travelling from the East ORIENTAL
Short plucky type retires to flat part of Carlow TULLOW
Slow type comes out of his shell every so often TURTLE
Some lose patience going back over recording TAPE
Teenagers set off to get someone's goat ENRAGE
To be sure to release bees for the visitors to take? TOUR
Went around like a fan with a cellist - do play? OSCILLATED
What father might do for open burger from Takeaway with lamb reportedly BLESSYOU