Wall Street Journal - Aug 12 2020 - Two for the Show

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Clues Answers
“After Midnight” songwriter J.J CALE
“American Gigolo” star GERE
“Careful!” WATCHOUT
1949 Tony-winning musical, including a 1954 Tony-winning musical KISSMEKATE
1975 Tony-nominated musical, including a 1966 Tony-nominated musical MACKANDMABEL
2011 Tony-winning musical revival, including a 1982 Tony-winning musical ANYTHINGGOES
All thumbs INEPT
American symbol EAGLE
Aquarium fish TETRA
Baby-faced CUTE
Baseball feat, and a clue to this puzzle’s them answers DOUBLEPLAY
Beyond awesome EPIC
Boringly unoriginal BANAL
Braided bread CHALLAH
Brand with a wasabi flavor in China OREO
Camp craft CANOE
Cereal buy BOX
Clears after expenses NETS
Company member ACTOR
Concave cookers WOKS
Dachshund delivery YIP
De Gaulle alternative ORLY
Defense acronym NATO
Desire WANT
Diva’s delivery ARIA
End of a telegraph line STOP
Escape key function, often CANCEL
Exhaust USEUP
Far from shore ASEA
Field unit ACRE
Fixed with rattan CANED
Gillette razor brand ATRA
Grouchy answer to an alarm clock IMUP
Gut feeling, perhaps ACHE
High land NEPAL
It’s often served with shredded daikon SASHIMI
Joplin song RAG
Kitchen fan? EPICURE
Clues Answers
Letters in some frat names ETAS
Mandy Patinkin’s “Homeland” character SAUL
Metallurgist’s creations ALLOYS
Modifying wds ADJS
Muscovite, e.g MICA
Neighbor of Ghana and Benin TOGO
Nonsense, in Nottingham TOSH
Noun suffix NESS
Pietà figure MARY
Pride flag inspiration RAINBOW
Printer’s measures EMS
Resigned interjection ALAS
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Scot’s denial NAE
Shortly INABIT
Side by side ABREAST
Sports figures STATS
Stand for a sitting EASEL
Take out EXTRACT
Taking out the trash, e.g CHORE
They get stuffed in delis PITAS
Titled bunch NOBLES
Tony winner Roger REES
Trendy berry ACAI
Understanding KEN
Vegas disc CHIP
Vendor on the way to the fair PIEMAN
Washington state brewski OLY
Washington-to-Boston speeder ACELA
Way to repay, of a sort INKIND
Words after two or hole INONE
Words before fault or degree TOA
Youth detention center, informally JUVIE
___ mater ALMA
___ Na Na SHA