New York Times - Feb 14 2010

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Clues Answers
'And you'd better listen!' ORELSE
'E.T.,' e.g. SCIFI
'I said ___!' NOW
'Scram!' VAMOOSE
'Star Trek' role SULU
'This isn't good!' UHOH
'What is the sound of one hand clapping?,' say KOAN
... according to Charles Schulz SHARINGYOURPOPCORN
... according to Frank Sinatra AMANYSPLENDOREDTHING
... according to Joseph Campbell FRIENDSHIPSETTOMUSIC
... according to Neil Young AROSE
... according to St. Augustine THEBEAUTYOFTHESOUL
... according to the Beatles ALLYOUNEED
1993 dance hit, and a question answered seven times in this puzzle WHATISLOVE
23-Across ... according to Shakespeare BLIND
A.A.A. part: Abbr. ASSN
Actor Jannings, winner of the first Best Actor Oscar EMIL
Actress Ann JILLIAN
Animals with eye patches PANDAS
Apple juice brand MOTTS
Assignations, slangily HOOKUPS
Audio ___ FEED
Ayn Rand and Anne Rice, e.g. ALIASES
B or C, but not A or D: Abbr. ELEM
Blessing preceder? AHCHOO
Brings (out) TROTS
Bungle ERR
Bungling INEPT
Butler's locale TARA
Car part GRILLE
Carl's lifelong companion in 'Up' ELLIE
Cause of wheezing ASTHMA
Chemicals banned by Congress in '76 PCBS
Chief of staff under Obama EMANUEL
CIGNA competitor AETNA
E.T., e.g. ALIEN
Early smartphone TREO
Edinburgh tourist attraction WOOLSHOP
End of shampoo instructions, often REPEAT
Flavor-enhancing additive MSG
Forever, to a bard ETERNE
Frequent Sgt. Friday rejoinder NOMAAM
Fresh sets of clothes CHANGES
German region occupied by France and Belgium from 1923-25 RUHR
Great Scott? DRED
Hall of 'Coming to America' ARSENIO
Hash browns, e.g., typically SIDE
Having given a slip the slip? ASEA
Hiker's map, briefly TOPO
Honeybunch SUGAR
Hoped-for answer to 'Will you be my Valentine?' YES
Hosp. test EEG
Irritated PUTOUT
It may be marked on a racetrack MILE
It may have an antenna INSECT
It was once advertised as 'Your favorite drink in your favorite flavor' NEHI
It's whistleable TUNE
Jack Sprat's requirement NOFAT
Jackpot producer LOTTO
John who wrote 'An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' LOCKE
Kilt accompaniers TAMS
Kind of cartridge TONER
Kind of sax TENOR
Kindergartner CHILD
Lacking vitality ANEMIC
Clues Answers
Land of amore ITALY
Lao-___ TSE
Lena of 'Chocolat' OLIN
Like poker faces STONY
Like some mutual funds NOLOAD
Literally, 'barley' ORZO
Lock horns (with) SPAR
Lynn Fontanne and her husband LUNTS
M.I.T. degs. BSS
Manuscript changes EDITS
Martin's partner in 1960s-'70s TV ROWAN
Maryland fort name MEADE
Mecca trekker HAJI
Milanese madames SIGNORAS
Nary a soul NONE
Nasdaq, e.g.: Abbr. MKT
New Testament book called the 'Queen of the Epistles': Abbr. EPH
Nonexclusive OPEN
Not clerical LAIC
Old cruise missile NAVAHO
One who's easier to pray for than to visit, according to C. S. Lewis BORE
One ___ (baseball variant) OCAT
One-eighty UTURN
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Pioneering 1740 novel subtitled 'Virtue Rewarded' PAMELA
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Purple or green vegetable KALE
Put one's foot down TROD
Reagan attorney general MEESE
Record listing PRIOR
Regarding that matter THEREIN
Rep center? GYM
Responses to pleasure or pain OOHS
Secret dish in 'Sweeney Todd' MEATPIE
Sets right ORIENTS
Sherwood Forest sights ELMS
Showed over RERAN
Sin city SODOM
Slain twin REMUS
Some Da Vinci pieces OILS
Some hot air HYPE
Speck DOT
Star in the Summer Triangle VEGA
Star in the Summer Triangle DENEB
Stereotypical starting job assignment at a corporation MAILROOM
Sullen DOUR
Sunfish or moonfish OPAH
Telephone RING
Teller of a tale 'full of sound and fury,' per Macbeth IDIOT
The bright side? YANG
The saddest key, supposedly DMINOR
They may have jets SPAS
U.S.A.F. noncom SSGT
Un-PC behavior LEERING
Unagi, in a sushi restaurant EEL
Untagged NOTIT
Warm welcome HUG
Weapons in Wells's 'The War of the Worlds' HEATRAYS
Weapons with telescoping bolts UZIS
What bears do SELL
What some bombs lead to, for short TDS
What's said before some numbers HITIT
Where some leaves settle TEAPOT
___ jacket NEHRU
___ Romeo ALFA