L.A. Times Daily - Aug 10 2020

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Clues Answers
"Check this out!" LOOK
"Holy smokes!" EGADS
"I'm unimpressed" MEH
"Indochine" Oscar nominee Catherine DENEUVE
"Pardon me," in Parma SCUSI
"Surf" served with "turf" SEAFOOD
*Experience section in a résumé WORKHISTORY
*List of incoming and outgoing calls PHONERECORD
*Often-digital commentary for a museum tour AUDIOGUIDE
*Sunday liquor-buying ban, e.g BLUELAW
A major, for one CHORD
Add-__: extras ONS
Animal pouches SACS
Balderdash TRIPE
Big Apple restaurateur SARDI
Bug spray ingredient DEET
Canadian native CREE
Cat lives count, so they say NINE
Choose by ballot ELECT
Classic clown BOZO
Colorful mnemonic ROYGBIV
Come again? ECHO
Country in a Beatles song USSR
Egg-shaped OVAL
Endangered layer OZONE
Eyes, to a poet ORBS
Fairway warning FORE
File, Edit or Help MENU
Flavor-enhancing abbr MSG
Flopping at a comedy club DYING
Focal point NEXUS
Fruit with milk COCONUT
Got together for lunch, say METUP
Hamburger holder BUN
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Italian scooter VESPA
Jacob's biblical twin ESAU
Jigger at the bar SHOT
Jigsaw puzzle parts PIECES
Clues Answers
Kristen Bell or Kristen Stewart ACTOR
Like a picnic area under a tree SHADED
Liking a lot INTO
Lobster's weapon CLAW
Nevada slots spot RENO
Norse royal name OLAV
Nostradamus, e.g SEER
O. Henry hallmark IRONY
Occur as a result ENSUE
Organ with milk UDDER
Physiques, briefly BODS
Place for deposits BANK
Prayer ending AMEN
Rainbow shape ARC
Rakish sort ROUE
Relay race segment LEG
Reserve twice in error, as an airline seat ... or a hint to the two-part answers to starred clues DOUBLEBOOK
Responsibility DUTY
Second or sixth president ADAMS
Ship's captain SKIPPER
Shower attention (on) DOTE
Small crown CORONET
State flower of New Mexico YUCCA
Suffix with buck AROO
Surprised cry WOWIE
Swerve VEER
Tie tightly BIND
Tiny bit of matter ATOM
Tiny part of a min NSEC
Top-of-the-line AONE
Upper bod muscle PEC
Vague amount SOME
Victor's cry IWON
Waikiki's island OAHU
Water in the Seine EAU
Wheel shaft AXLE
__ Bo: exercise method TAE
__ Scoresby, Lin-Manuel Miranda's "His Dark Materials" role LEE
__-mo replay SLO