Universal - Aug 10 2020

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Clues Answers
"... to fetch a ___ of water" PAIL
"All the Light We Cannot See" author (ORDER anagram) DOERR
"Buy It Now" site EBAY
"Famous" cookie guy AMOS
"How're things?" SUP
"Listen to what I'm saying!" HEARMEOUT
"Losing My Religion" band REM
"Nobody is better than me!" IRULE
"That's a ___!" (director's cry) WRAP
"The Hate U Give" heroine STARR
"What a shame!" ALAS
*Bed for a certain camper? BOYCOT
*Certain cheap wine container? LITERBOX
*Diss track creator? MADHATER
*Kelly Macdonald or David Hume? GREATSCOT
*Young cow whose destiny is predetermined? FATEDCALF
Add to a site, as a video EMBED
Amazon's Siri ALEXA
Baker or Fitzgerald ELLA
Black gold TEXASTEA
Canning tomato ROMA
Change of address, informally RELO
Clean Air Act org EPA
Compete VIE
Confound ADDLE
Dance associated with Brazilian soccer SAMBA
Declines to participate PASSES
Even once EVER
Eyelid problems STYES
Fesses up ADMITS
Fifteen minutes of ___ FAME
Finishes on a positive note ENDSWELL
Front part of a train, usually ENGINE
Funny Foxx REDD
Get in the way of STYMIE
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Go from solid to liquid MELT
Clues Answers
Got on in years AGED
GRE administrator ETS
Ground grain MEAL
Grounds BASIS
Iraqi port that Sinbad sailed from BASRA
Like bell-bottoms FLARED
Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
More cool socially? ICIER
NASCAR additive STP
Noble ones are inert GASES
Nodded responses YESES
Oil grp OPEC
One place to solve this puzzle NEWSPAPER
Paul, in Parma PAOLO
Places to pump iron GYMS
Portended BODED
Pretty OK after all NOTSOBAD
Restaurant handout MENU
Roll brought to yoga class MAT
Santa ___ winds ANA
Some whistle-blowers REFS
Spiced rice dish PILAF
Sprinter Allyson FELIX
Standard name? NORM
Start driving? ... and a hint to the starred entries TEEOFF
Suffix with "Gator" ADE
Sun Devils' Arizona city TEMPE
Sword with a blunted tip EPEE
Take a ___ at (try) STAB
Teeming RIFE
Tendons SINEWS
Tweak, as text EDIT
Up to, in ads TIL
Upper-left key ESC
What may feel nice when you're sad AGOODCRY
Where things come together NODE
Wood in grilling planks CEDAR
___ disease (tick-borne affliction) LYME