Jonesin' - Aug 11 2020

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Clues Answers
'... quack quack there, ___ quack ...' HEREA
'99 Luftballons' singer NENA
'Bali ___' ('South Pacific' song) HAI
'Hell's Half ___' (1954 movie) ACRE
'Henry and June' diarist Nin ANAIS
'Heroz4hire' rapper ___ the Damaja JERU
'Jeremy' singer Vedder EDDIE
'Later' SEEYA
'Rent' character MIMI
'Spy vs. Spy' magazine MAD
'We love to fly ___ shows' (Delta slogan) ANDIT
'What ___ Beneath' LIES
'Your ___' (Morrissey album) ARSENAL
'___ Anything' (John Cusack movie) SAY
'___ bad, bad thing' IDIDA
'___ White Swan' (T. Rex song) RIDEA
1-Across and The Dude of Life album released in 1994 CRIMESOFTHEMIND
1-Across guitarist and vocalist TREYANASTASIO
1-Across keyboardist who started as a fan PAGEMCCONNELL
1-Across predecessors and mentors THEGRATEFULDEAD
1000 K MEG
Actor Arkin ALAN
Band that's the theme of this puzzle PHISH
Blow a gasket RANT
Cars given while yours is in the shop, e.g LOANERS
Cheat, in a way COPY
Cleopatra's river NILE
Coffeehouse quaff JAVA
Corn remnants COB
Cry convulsively SOB
Decoder's wear? RING
Elevator, to Elvis Costello LIFT
European compilation album for 1-Across STASH
F or G, on sheet music CLEF
Friend's opposite FOE
Gps. like CARE and Amnesty International NGOS
He was a real Dick on 'NewsRadio' ANDY
Clues Answers
Hollywood cross street VINE
Impulsive, courageous person, so they say ARIES
Is of practical value HASAUSE
It's worth next to nothing CENT
Jazz band's song list SET
Jim Morrison song, with 'The' END
Letters on a Cardinals hat STL
Like an angry cat's back ARCHED
Man, in Mantua UOMO
Mister, in Munich HERR
Neckwear for Frankenstein's monster? BOLTS
Nondescript category STUFF
Old Icelandic saga EDDA
Org. that gives out 9-digit IDs SSA
Powerful and pleasing, to a Rasta IRIE
Raw metal source ORE
Remini of 'The King of Queens' LEAH
Sandwich spreads MAYOS
Sends to hell DAMNS
Shop class tool SAW
Singers lower than soprani ALTI
Sings like Kurt Elling SCATS
Slasher flick props AXES
Sound from a lamb MAA
Speaks like a heavy smoker RASPS
Spied via the telephone WIRETAPPED
Subject of 'Weird' Al Yankovic's 'The White [31-Down]' OREO
Summer month, for short AUG
The last word in sermons? AMEN
They adore strange things XENOPHILES
They taketh away on Apr. 15 IRS
They're separated on some old sitcoms BEDS
Ubiquitous December mall guys SANTAS
Velvet Underground vocalist Reed LOU
Word after bake or garage SALE
Yale students, familiarly ELIS
___ Farm (bygone clothing line) PHAT
___ Fighters (Dave Grohl band) FOO