L.A. Times Sunday - Feb 14 2010

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Clues Answers
"... blessing ___ curse?" ORA
"Chocolate" dog LAB
"Lord ___ duck!" LOVEA
"My apologies" SOSORRY
"Peter Grimes," for one OPERA
"See if ___!" ICARE
"That's enough!" OHSTOP
"Unattractive" citrus UGLI
"What puts the ape in ___?" (The Cowardly Lion) APRICOT
"___ glad!" IMSO
"___ Rae" NORMA
"___ Restaurant" ALICES
Actor D'Onofrio VINCENT
Actors James and Scott CAANS
Aegean island IOS
Apparel company, OshKosh ___ BGOSH
Attacks (or backward, samples) SETSAT
Bag-checking org. TSA
Bankrupt energy giant ENRON
Bartok et al. BELAS
Based on ten DECIMAL
Beach buckets PAILS
Became close BONDED
Between ports ATSEA
Breathing: abbr. RESP
British verb ending ISE
Burning up the tabloids HOT
Call at home? SAFE
Came up AROSE
Canadian flag symbol LEAF
Car or van: abbr. VEH
Children's writer Blyton et al. ENIDS
Chloe's love DAPHNIS
Classical piece in which "hot sauce" is sung repeatedly? TACOBELLSCANON
Concerning INRE
Daredevil belly-flopper? EVELKNAVEL
Deli sandwich BLT
Designated amount QUOTA
Designer's inits. YSL
Diplomacy TACT
Donna of fashion KARAN
Dr. of rap DRE
Eat like a rat GNAWON
El ___ TX PASO
End of an illness? ITIS
End of the lion TAIL
Falling asleep at one's post? THECRIMEOFTHESENTRY
Fascinated by INTO
Fed. bureau with agents ATF
Feel the weight of the day DROOP
Film wizardry EFFECTS
Fish breath? HALIBUTOSIS
Fish in a film WANDA
Floor workers TILERS
Florida racetrack city HIALEAH
Four Seasons hit, "Save ___ Me" ITFOR
French girlfriends AMIES
German subs UBOATS
Ginger cookie SNAP
Grammar purist's bane AINT
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Have ___ of an idea AGERM
Hotshot ACE
How-to unit STEP
Howls like a dog BAYS
I thought you'd never do it ASK
Informal alliance ENTENTE
Clues Answers
It might be pitched BATTLE
Jack Sprat's rule NOFAT
La-la starter TRA
Lecture halls LYCEUMS
Lemon's coat PEEL
Like racehorses SHOD
Lobster and beluga products ROES
Luke, to Darth SON
Major addition? ETTE
Mammoth mammal HIPPO
Metrics opener ISO
Milwaukee players BREWERS
Miss identification SHE
More than nudge GOAD
Moronic Mortimer SNERD
Motley, as a crew RAGTAG
Mrs. Mitt Romney ANN
My conclusion? OPIA
Night-sky lights AURORAE
Not so wide THINNER
Not/shabby insert TOO
Numbered rd. RTE
Observed Yom Kippur ATONED
Old Venetian VIP DOGE
Online novel EBOOK
Org. known for strikes PBA
Palindromic Muslims IMAMI
Part of 69 Down AIR
Performs eye surgery, maybe LASES
Perp alert APB
Pious person SAINT
Pitcher Doug with whom Tommy Lasorda had an infamous—and recorded--on-the-mound argument in 1977 RAU
Placed inside: abbr. ENC
Play for a sap USE
Popeye prop PIPE
Porkpies, e.g. HATS
Prepare, as presents WRAP
Russian city that's two-thirds of a threat OREL
Rustic rental CABIN
Samoa's capital APIA
Semicircular-canal site EAR
Shows disrespect, maybe SASSES
Sitcom on which everyone overacts? ASHOWOFHAMS
Sleep inducer OPIATE
Small towns BURGS
Small, as farms go TWOACRE
Sock parts TOES
Spanish poet Garcia ___ LORCA
Spy org. Julia Child once worked for OSS
Swift FAST
Temporary thing FAD
The family guy PAPA
They cover boxers PANTS
Thread holder SPOOL
Tonsil-checking sounds AHS
Traditional cheers RAHS
Troop-boosting group USO
Trucking regulator of old: abbr. ICC
Ultimate NTH
Unfun assignment CHORE
Vandenberg, for ex. USAFB
What goes on in Sue's new book? GRAFTONCORRUPTION
What the dishonest candidate called himself? ABUYABLEALTERNATIVE
What the locals enjoy when all the Leaning Tower tourists leave? PISANQUIET
With 119 Across, car dealership's February ad slogan? NOWISTHEWINTER
Yankees second baseman Robinson ___ CANO
___ Moines DES
___-Soviet relations SINO