The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,434 - Aug 5 2020

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Clues Answers
... immediately after that putting her note up for revision THEREUPON
A good husband and a good person must be shocked AGHAST
Beamed and considered accepting assistance raised RADIATED
Best article on unknown stone TOPAZ
Cast may need this, seeing a part rewritten GREASEPAINT
Check about objective before reserves feud VENDETTA
Congratulate art historian ringing such a connection EARTH
Fire engine must need this IGNITION
Firm supporter beginning to cover new law STALWART
Flipping theatre night showing no sign of life! INERT
Graduate teacher with job as support for tester BEDPOST
Hearing test TRIAL
Innovator of dog jacket TRAILBLAZER
Liberated women on list for coast FREEWHEEL
Live without 21, comfortably WELL
Clues Answers
Resent changes on right being more authoritarian STERNER
Restricts new penalties applied to firm CONFINES
Rock singer's first suit DIAMONDS
Run out of gear for a short period STREAK
Saw differently after nonsense gets laughs GUFFAWS
Servant providing legal consideration RETAINER
She ultimately maintains such vehicles ESTATES
Signs nothing and workers succeeded ... OMENS
Sweat terribly wrapping hospital bandage SWATHE
Tormented and looking embarrassed by tag BADGERED
Tramps may find places to live PADS
Trim and dispatch form SHIPSHAPE
Vetoed attempt in favouring study FORBIDDEN
Wishes to dispose of one house advertised as such DESRES
Working and ready for attack ONSET