Canadiana - Aug 3 2020

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Clues Answers
A verbal contest between actors AGON
Acting award CLIO
Actor Barbara HAMILTON
After expenses NET
Again ANEW
Arm part ULNA
Arthur or Lillie BEA
Auto workers org UAW
Barrel, abbr BBL
Black cuckoo ANI
Chevalier movie GIGI
Consecrate BLESS
Constructed MADE
Crow calls CAWS
Dear, in Dolbeau CHERI
Dyestuff ANIL
Editor and author Barbara GOWDY
English river ESNE
Environment MILIEU
Fashion guru DIOR
Female ruff REE
Fibber LIAR
Figure Skater Barbara UNDERHILL
Further down LOWER
Gourmet cheese EDAM
Hardwood tree OAK
Hosp. records notation DOA
Humble MEEK
Insurgent REBEL
Israel or Trotsky follower ITE
Clues Answers
Journalist Barbara AMIEL
Letters denoting an alias AKA
Light emitting diode, for short LED
Main or topgallant e.g SAIL
Motorists' org CAA
Nigerian folk IGBOS
Oafish one NERD
Occupants DWELLERS
Offed ICED
Partner of bitsy ITSY
Picture book artist Barbara REID
Plus AND
Politician Barbara MCDOUGALL
Prefix denoting new NEO
Put two and two together? ADD
RNA containers NUCLEOLI
Roman 1104 MCIV
Roman statesman CATO
Russian river VOLGA
Scandinavian toast SKOL
Search a river-bed DRAG
Sigh of relief AAH
Spring bulb IRIS
Stephen's Party REFORM
Stubborn one MULE
Television journalist Barbara FRUM
Thomson and Carr concern ART
____Stanley Gardner ERLE
_____ you okay? ARE
_____tasse DEMI
______Dorval ILE