New York Times - Jun 21 1997

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Clues Answers
'Touch of Evil' director, 1958 WELLES
'___ Coming' (1969 hit) ELIS
Abscond ELOPE
Ale or coffee BREW
Almost any mammal TETRAPOD
Basketball forwards, e.g. LEAPERS
Bees do it: Var. POLLENATE
Biblical short cut REDSEA
Bit of a waltz GLIDE
Book of the Book of Mormon ALMA
Book publisher John WILEY
Brand SEAR
Bus. bigwigs CEOS
Carlyle's kinfolk SCOTS
Celebrated Surrealist ERNST
Charge RUNAT
Don Juan's emotion AMOR
Dye-producing shrub ANIL
Einstein, e.g. EMIGRE
Fish relish ALEC
Foreign exchange student, maybe ELEVE
Give details FILLIN
Gives everything away BLABS
Green card candidate, maybe EXILE
Herbal do-all ALOE
Hook shape ESS
Important vows IDOS
Indigent HAVENOT
International monetary unit EURODOLLAR
Kind of calendar ISLAMIC
Like some stock prices NEARPAR.
Little bills ONES
Clues Answers
Love ___ NEST
Lucre PELF
Mail-order abbr. PPD
Makes well-liked ENDEARS
Medicinal plant IPECAC
One of the Muppets ELMO
P-Q, maybe: Abbr. VOL
Paint LIMN
Part of a comparison THAN
Path adornments? PRIMROSES
Pepper and others DRS
Petty crook CHISELLER
Philippine president Fidel RAMOS
Poet ___ Wheeler Wilcox ELLA
Poet's contraction NEER
Portions METES
Pretense ACT
Road menace SPEEDER.
Roto-Rooter alternative DRANO
Seven-time Emmy winner ASNER
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Singer of the screen LORI
Singer Sumac YMA
Slangy noun suffix STER
Sociologist Shelby STEELE
Some dye workers STEEPERS
Stretch CRANE
Sumptuousness LUXE
Tape deck option ERASE
Time in the classifieds EVE
Watkins Glen, e.g. RACECOURSE
Wildly exaggerated, as a performance OVERTHETOP
Without a clue ATWITSEND